Finding Nemo..

4 10 2008

Suddenly i felt like watching Finding Nemo again, an underwater movie in 3D. Usually i hate watching the same movie again and again, but this one is exceptional. I love it..

My favourite character is Dory, a beautiful blue fish who helps Nemo’s dad, Marin, in searching Nemo. She is too funny especially when her memory fails and this results in communication problems. She is so much talkative that she can relate to you her whole life, if only she remembers lol…

Some parts which i liked in the movie:

1) The fishes take the form of an arrow to show ‘la direction du Courant est‑australien’ and tell Dory to swim across the rocks not above. Arriving there, Dory hesitates. She does not remember exactly but something tells her not to swim through the rocks. Marin managed to divert her attention to make her forget this idea

2) Dory saw something shinning. Aaaww a tiny jellyfish. She made friends with it, named it Squishy and started playing with it.

‘Aïe, elle m’a piquée’ crie Dory. ‘Méchante Squishy!!’

3) Convinced that Nemo passed away, Marin said goodbye to Dory and the latter started to cry. «

‘Pourquoi pleurez‑vous?’ demande Nemo qui arrive à cet instant

‘Je crois que j’ai perdu quelqu’un, mais je ne sais plus qui!!’ renifle Dory. Comment t’appelles‑tu?’

‘Nemo, et je cherche mon père’

Dory didnt respond hearing the name Nemo, but when reads ‘Sydney’ on a pipe of the plant water, she remembers all!!

‘Nemo vite, ton père est parti par ici!!’

 You watched Nemo? Any favourite character or scene?