My childhood..

10 10 2008
My childhood memories:
1) Killing ants and then eating them…huh…mo ti enkr bebe…2yrs maybe!! Was amazed by these little creatures that taste sour :p
2) Cutting of my hair by myself : ti fk aprane servi ciseaux lekol primaire sa mo kwar :p And Maybe cutting of Yashvin’s hair also from behind..while he was watching TV…
3) Getting LOST :p….but then later on they found me playing with water in toilet 😀
4) Cutting of Neha’s hand (who was then maybe 2years) by mistake :s li ti p trappe ‘lame’ dan so lamain e mne risse sa…. :S sorriiii neeeeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
5) Beating Yashvin and getting beaten by him…
6) Playing ‘Lamarelle’ with Deepa & Neha..
7) And yeahhh without forgetting: Getting damn scared of that famous ‘Neighbour’
Here are some pics of my childhood:

No comments, the pic says it all... :((

Cute little Daks and Bad Yashvin!!

Cute little Daks and Bad Yashvin!!


Huh..they were taking MY pic, i wonder from where he came!! :/ And he was smiling...look at my face!

s for me..

Not fair...he told me to look at the rabbit behind so as the pic becomes :s for me...

Any memories of your childhood that you wanna share?? 🙂