Su Elections at UOM..

26 09 2008
Like i said before, this is the time when the candidates for Su Elections will be shaking hands with you even though they are seeing you for the first time…And they’ll be talking so nicely with you and try their best to convince you to vote for them…
 Hope to see them smiling at you after they’ve won the elections!! And hope that one of their aims will be to upgrade the computers in the labs..Or maybe each student should be getting ‘1 pakE la bougie rouge’…Enfin:
‘L’espoir fait vivre les imbeciles’
Recently there was ‘Decoller Pa Coller’….But seems like this campaign has made no effect on the candidates of Su Elections since i saw some posters in uom…How shit!! Anyways, hope they’ll take them out after elections..Again…HOPE!!

Aaaww i got 2 requests on Facebook for Su Elections