Triolet Bus Service..

9 10 2008


Some bus conductors of Triolet Bus Service (TBS) are shit, i say it loud : SHIT SHIT & SHIT!!!! Seems like they should be given a map of mauritius, with the representation of where each village/town starts and ends. Yesterday i was coming back from uni at about 4.30pm in TBS bus. Well, my home address is Dispensary road, camp lilas, TRIOLET. To be noted, camp lilas (road name) is found IN triolet. However, arriving at camp lilas, the bus conductor asked me where am going. I said Triolet and showed him my Student Bus Pass. 

Shit bus conductor : Nu dan camp lilas la
Innocent Daks : wii mo coner
Shit bus conductor : camp lilas truv dan Pte Aux Piments
I started thinking wat the fuck is happening….
Innocent Daks : non camp lilas truv dan Triolet em
Shit bus conductor : moi mo coner camp lilas truv dan Pte Aux Piments.
Innocent Daks : Plak Pte aux Piments li juste 2 bus stop devan..e mo ena pu desan 1 bus stop devan ki truv dan triolet..
Shit bus conductor : non camp lilas pa truv dan triolet sa!! Nu dan Pte Aux Piments la
Innocent Daks : coner ki ou p cozer lot kout, nu pa dan pte aux piments la, nu dan triolet!!

In front of everybody in bus, he started creating a scene. I would have forgetten to press the bell if a guy wouldnt have got down at the same bus stop as me. Only regrets that i’ve are:

1) I couldnt really proved that we were actually in Triolet itself since i had to get down and i felt very much uneasy….because i was wondering that maybe the passengers thought i was wrong, that’s why i got down from the bus but actually my bus stop was reached…

 2) I should have taken his number which was written in his uniform and then later on report him to some ‘Chef de Gare’ but i wonder whether the ‘Chef de Gare’ would be really doing something!! I couldnt even take the bus number since i was so much disturbed…

3) Tell that Shit Bus conductor let’s go to police station so that we discuss it there. As long as i know my right, i’ll fight with anyone to show that i am right!! Hope that next time i dont come across that bus conductor else am sure i’ll fight with him!!!! 

Grrr Angry Daks

Grrr Angry Daks..Actually i look 10 times more angry than this 😀



To tell you frankly, I’ve even waited 45mins before getting a bus at Camp lilas!! Since i live at Camp Lilas which is found near Pte Aux Piments, I cant take busses coming from Royal Road.. If i’ve to do so, i’ve to walk for about 15mins…
Many times, when the bus from Pte Aux Piments comes, it is full, so much full that there is not even place to stand in the bus!! Then again i’ve to wait for another 20 mins on bus stop under the sun!! No wonder hw come am getting dark complexion!!!!!!
Why this is so?? Simply because Triolet Bus Service doesnt offer enough busses that go towards Pte aux Piments….Making complaints ehhh?? Komien complaints pu fer?? Plito pa fer aster, pu ale gaspille letemps sa!!! sa rente 1 koter zot zoreil e sorti par lot koter!!!
Would you say that Triolet Bus Service offers a good bus service?? Definitely not mE!!! Definitely not in Triolet and Pte Aux Piments!!! Each and Everytime, when the Pte aux Piments bus reaches the junction to go towards Pte Aux Piments ( Anand Bus Stop), around 10 people MINIMUM get in the bus….now jst imagine….sometimes it can go to around 20-30 people also!!!!! Am not exagerating, it’s damn true!!!
Anand Bus Stop

Anand Bus Stop

Do you get problems with Triolet Bus Service (TBS) at your place also??