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18 09 2008

The cruel killed horse: Uhhmmm hope you know about the cruel killing of a horse by two shit guys, in Mauritius during May 2008, the clip of which was available on facebook. Check out Yashvin’s Blog for more info.. You’ll be happy to know that enquiry is going on… Humanity still exists ūüôā

Holidays for students: I bet most primary and secondary students would be saying yuupppiiieeee NO SCHOOL, just like my cousin neha who had a class test yesterday…..and perhaps they’ll hope that tomorrow also there is a holiday, wed thurs fri sat sun at home, simply woooww!!
But¬†most¬†tertiary students¬†want to go to uni. Actually we’ve group assignmnts¬†to submit and¬†some friends find it¬†really hectic to do that on msn, definitely not me¬†lol¬†;p
Uni life is simply too good though!! 
Credit Crisis: Most of you might have read this. Stocks have fallen sharply since wednesday. The American International Group (AIG) share prices fell over 95% yesterday which caused it to go bankrupt!! The Federal Reserve Bank (FED) has been authorized to give credit facility to AIG from which AIG may draw up to $85 billion, thus preventing the market to crash. In return, the federal government will receive a 79.9% stake in the company.
It is worth noting that this news came just 2 days after a straight refusal by the very same Fed¬†to financially help Lehman Brothers, one of the leading investment banks!! Infact FED has help AIG because it’s collapse will have very serious impacts on global financial system..
 For some , it is panic while for others who are smart enough, this is the perfect opportunity to invest right now. Well, now people will be investing on gold or silver instead of on shares after whatever happened, and as a result, this will cause prices of gold & silver to increase. Gold is expected to rise at $950 an ounce at end of year.
Oil fell below $92 a barrel in SIngapore. The reason advanced for such a sharp fall is the fierce credit crisis that has already made two leading banking giants victims in the US.
Just came to know that the Russian Market has crashed. The sharp decline in the price of oil had severe consequences for Russia. However, the primary cause of the Russian Financial Crisis was not the fall of oil prices directly, but the result of non-payment of taxes by the energy and manufacturing industries.

Investors have completely lose confidence on the market!!


Hearts – *AAaaawwww*

Thanks to Fadil Soobraty who took this pic n sent me, a heart potato..

Thanks to Fadil Soobraty who took this pic n sent me, a heart potato..


Aaaawww look at this lovely heart bread pic, i took this yesterday morning, sorry for image quality :S


BIG THANKS TO FADIL SOOBRATY  WHO HELPED ME IN THIS BLOG POST (Fadil mne met to nom en Bold, Italic & Underlined la :D)


New Facebook..

17 09 2008

¬†I¬†believe that¬†most of you have an account on facebook. It’s really a nice social networking website where you’ll be finding many mauritians there. A great way to communicate,¬†find your lost friends, keep in touch with others,¬†learning about events etc in this busy world.¬†I remember once upon a time Hi5 used to be so popular.¬†Facebook is kind of taking over the hearts of most teenagers now lol..

To tell you frankly, i dont like hate the new facebook though i admit that am getting quite used to it now. Well according to me, it looks quite messy and confusing. Actually there are more things to dislike than to like on it. I find the original design to be much better.

It’s sad to know that all facebook users have been automatically shifted to the new¬†design when logging¬†in.¬†Now we cant even reverse back to the old style like before. It’s as if they’ve FORCE us to use the new design. Hope sooner or later we all will catch up with the new facebook just like all its new applications.

But am not able to adjust myself with the new wall because it shows everything that you’ve done, it’s not clean. Maybe human beings are not quickly keen to changes!! To be honest,¬†i would say that while trying to improve the facebook design, the facebook people¬†have infact worsen it!!

Anyways, thanks¬†to facebook, i’ve found out that i’ve two more cousins: Antish Awootar and Anurag Awootar ūüôā

So, are you also dissatisfied with the new facebook?
Question pour 1 champion:
what¬†is more confusing, facebook or women? ūüėģ


13 09 2008

Below are some pics which i guess will surely¬†make you¬†think carefully¬†about life…Sometimes breathtaking, sometimes horrific!!!¬†¬†I hope you’ll learn some lessons from these pics. We all have our life changing events and struggles, and we all should try to learn from these experiences to become better people. Changing the world is definitely hard but not impossible though. We should all move forward towards the developping of a better world…

The Baby Hand

The Baby Hand


The Starving Boy

The Starving Boy


Mouse with Human Ear

Mouse with Human Ear


Iraqi Girl

Iraqi Girl


The Power of One

The Power of One


11 Sept Attacks

11 Sept Attacks


Lynching of Yound Blacks

Lynching of Young Blacks





Dead on the Beach
Dead on the Beach


Burial of Unknown Child                                                                    Burial of Unknown Child


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I’ve a Dream



My Virtual Baby..

7 09 2008
¬†Well i’ve a virtual baby on facebook, Pariii Awootar.. Actually Pariii doesnt have a father, i created her all alone, difficult task¬†pppfff!! Everyday i care for her, thus earning baby bunks to buy food or clothing stuffs for her.. I’ve got another way to earn bunks, making other babies and then earning baby bunks out of them, yeah yeah i know it’s wrong, gonna care for them also.. And you can also invite relatives or report neglected babies to earn more bunks ūüôā

¬†I saw my baby growing, from Preschool level,¬† Kindergarten level to Lower Elementary level, really great experience for me.. To reach the last level u’ve to get atleast 6000 baby bunks which is quite difficult if u r a single parent, like me lol.. But actually it’s a fun application, where you can dress your baby, bring her to hair saloon, shop for her, feed her, thus knowing about her tastes & preferences etc..¬†It’s mainly a girly stuff *aaawwww*!!¬†And yaps,¬†Pariii’s birthday is on 28th February ūüėÄ

¬† Hope facebook will create one more level for the ‘Make a Baby’ application.. I would love to see Pariii becoming an adolescent, maybe then i’ll have to find a Bf (Best Friend) for her… For the time being, let her enjoy playing with my cousine Deepa Awootar ‘s Baby, Ahana Awootar.. Though i admit the house becomes a big mess afterwards!!¬†Uhmm i’ve got no plans to give Pariii a brother, perhaps i’ll have¬†to find a daddy for¬†her sooonn heheheh!!! Not virtual one though ūüėõ

wiii mo bb fr impE remixx bn words…li parco conne cozeer bien bien, for e.g: ventilateur=tivenlateur…coca=caco…camaleon=macaleon…

Pariii Awootar: 2yrs-3yrs-4yrs

Ahana Awootar: 3yrs-4yrs


Overweight and Diet..

2 09 2008

Who doesnt want to look goodie goodie good? Most of us have this dream of being beautiful, cute, pretty, sexy and adorable..

Unfortunately, it seems that everything good in life is either illegal, Immoral or makes you take weight. People are getting fatter and fatter everywhere around the world!!

According to the latest 2005 statistics from the World Health Organization, released in 2007, there are 1,600,000,000 overweight adults (age 15 and over) in the world.. This number is projected to grow by 40% around the year 2015!!

Very interestingly, 45.6% people in Mauritius are overweight according to that statistics. The percentage is continuing to increase over the years, thus becoming more and more alarming for us!!

 Dieting has always been popular among the adolescents who are normally more concerned with their weight and shape. It is not surprising that even adults want a refreshing change in their shape nowadays!! Well, for those who wants to go on diet, do visit this website, quite useful one. Il faut soufrir pour etre belle!!

Eat, Drink and¬†Be Merry¬†for tomorrow you’ll diet.. ūüėõ


Orange Sitara..

30 08 2008
Like we all know, today is the final competition of Orange Sitara, but the question is: At this point in the competition, is it truly a singing competition or a popularity contest?
Anyways, i guess it was a good step to have started this competition since the singers, the musicians, the settings of the stage and all¬†have improved really a lot till now and maybe if there is another singing competition, it’ll be much better organised!!
Though i dont agree with the idea of making musicians sing in the previous episodes. What the hell!!¬†I guess Ambert Mossae (Producer of Orange Sitara) is confused between what we call¬†musicians and singers..Ppfff, or we can call it ‘Mauritian’s Originality’ though¬†MBC/Mauritians are great at copying..

Behind the scenes: Yashvin taking clips of Orange Sitara, that too while wearing an orange tshirt. That's what we call true fans ūüėõ


Behind the scenes: Deepa came to visit us and here starts the 'hair dressing' sessions ūüėõ Aww we forgot the singing competition ūüėÄ


Oops, the mike of one host stopped working and he had to borrow the mike of the other host. Like he said himself: Mike got crazy ūüėõ


In between the show, MBC was broadcasting the advertising of Young Bros consisting of a promotion dating 28th July to 10th Aug!!!! It's high time to remind them that today is ALREADY 30th Aug!!!!

In between the show, MBC was broadcasting the advertising of Young Bros consisting of a promotion dating 28th July to 10th Aug!!!! It is high time to remind them that we are ALREADY on 30th Aug!!!!

Last but not the least, lots of congrats to one of my uni buddies, Prashant Sagar (kool Dubai/Indian classmate :D), who danced on various songs live for Orange Sitara Singing Competition. He is really a great dancer, no doubts!! 
Pff, pa p kpv atane la fin Orange Sitara, liyeu p demande impE peace!!!!
Congrats to the winner!!

Destiny or Coincidence??

27 08 2008
Destiny         => inevitable predetermined events
Coincidence => accidental events {by chance} that seems to have been planned

 Did it ever happen to you that you meet someone after ages and you both happen to be in the same country, at the same city, same street, same spot and all at the same time?  Or did it ever happen to you that you are talking about someone and that person just comes infront of you? Is there such a thing as destiny or is it all about a coincidence?

When you are having periods of success in business & relationship, bad fortune & health etc, do you consider it to be your destiny? Is it really choice and not chance that determines your destiny? Maybe like people say, destiny is not to be waited for, but to be achieved..

What about horoscope thing? You believe in it? Definitely not me!! I wonder how come in the whole world, every person having the same date of birth will be having approximately the same events occurring in his life, in a particular week, as predicted in the Horoscope!! I believe that each and every person is unique and it is ourselves who decide about our life!! Nearly all of us has the same opportunities, we just have to make good use of it..

I was going through my mails and i came across something:
Is it US destiny or simply a pure coincidence?
Fold a US $20 Dollar into two..

Fold a US $20 Dollar into two..

Fold it again as shown..

Fold it again as shown..

Folds the other end..

Fold the other end..

Now turn it over..

Now turn it over..

The Pentagon is on fire!!  The Pentagon is on fire!!
And the Twin Towers also!!

And the Twin Towers also!!

And what you think of this?

And what you think of this?

Attack on World Trade Center on 11/09/2001 by Osama Bin Ladan. 11 + 9 = 20 {all these are printed in a US $20}.

Should we start wondering on our destiny? Or should we just accept everything as being only a meaningful coincidence?