Finding Nemo..

4 10 2008

Suddenly i felt like watching Finding Nemo again, an underwater movie in 3D. Usually i hate watching the same movie again and again, but this one is exceptional. I love it..

My favourite character is Dory, a beautiful blue fish who helps Nemo’s dad, Marin, in searching Nemo. She is too funny especially when her memory fails and this results in communication problems. She is so much talkative that she can relate to you her whole life, if only she remembers lol…

Some parts which i liked in the movie:

1) The fishes take the form of an arrow to show ‘la direction du Courant est‑australien’ and tell Dory to swim across the rocks not above. Arriving there, Dory hesitates. She does not remember exactly but something tells her not to swim through the rocks. Marin managed to divert her attention to make her forget this idea

2) Dory saw something shinning. Aaaww a tiny jellyfish. She made friends with it, named it Squishy and started playing with it.

‘Aïe, elle m’a piquée’ crie Dory. ‘Méchante Squishy!!’

3) Convinced that Nemo passed away, Marin said goodbye to Dory and the latter started to cry. «

‘Pourquoi pleurez‑vous?’ demande Nemo qui arrive à cet instant

‘Je crois que j’ai perdu quelqu’un, mais je ne sais plus qui!!’ renifle Dory. Comment t’appelles‑tu?’

‘Nemo, et je cherche mon père’

Dory didnt respond hearing the name Nemo, but when reads ‘Sydney’ on a pipe of the plant water, she remembers all!!

‘Nemo vite, ton père est parti par ici!!’

 You watched Nemo? Any favourite character or scene? 



21 09 2008

Titeuf: A mon marriage avec Nadia, j’inviterais po Jeau-Claude parce qu’il est nul….J’inviterais po non + Vomito parce qu’il est alergique aux gateaux a la creme…J’aimerais bien inviter Nadia mais c hyper-complique….C’est po juste!!!!!!!!

Cedric: Il n’est toujours pas satisfait. Son rêve, c’est de conquérir le cœur de Chen, sa jolie copine d’école…Heureusement que pepe est toujours la pour lui aider….Cedric est intelligent (meme si c pas toujours selon son bulletin scolaire) et il a  beaucoup d’imagination…un peu trop peut etre!!  Quelle vie en mene tout de meme quand on a 8ans….

La famille pirates: Le capitaine Mac Bernik aurait bien aimé être le plus célèbre des pirates de l’île de la Tortue… Mais voilà, il rapporte plus souvent des algues que de l’or….
Hercules – Scampi t’es belle
Scampi   – Hercules t’es nul…

If you want to laugh remembering the time when you were young, don’t hesitate to watch these cartoons (my favorites ones) : Tteuf, Cedric and La famille pirates!!! Yiiipiiieeee, they’re going to make your head SPIN…. :p Am already 20yrs, but still adore watching tikomik…:D And what about you?

Orange Sitara..

30 08 2008
Like we all know, today is the final competition of Orange Sitara, but the question is: At this point in the competition, is it truly a singing competition or a popularity contest?
Anyways, i guess it was a good step to have started this competition since the singers, the musicians, the settings of the stage and all have improved really a lot till now and maybe if there is another singing competition, it’ll be much better organised!!
Though i dont agree with the idea of making musicians sing in the previous episodes. What the hell!! I guess Ambert Mossae (Producer of Orange Sitara) is confused between what we call musicians and singers..Ppfff, or we can call it ‘Mauritian’s Originality’ though MBC/Mauritians are great at copying..

Behind the scenes: Yashvin taking clips of Orange Sitara, that too while wearing an orange tshirt. That's what we call true fans 😛


Behind the scenes: Deepa came to visit us and here starts the 'hair dressing' sessions 😛 Aww we forgot the singing competition 😀


Oops, the mike of one host stopped working and he had to borrow the mike of the other host. Like he said himself: Mike got crazy 😛


In between the show, MBC was broadcasting the advertising of Young Bros consisting of a promotion dating 28th July to 10th Aug!!!! It's high time to remind them that today is ALREADY 30th Aug!!!!

In between the show, MBC was broadcasting the advertising of Young Bros consisting of a promotion dating 28th July to 10th Aug!!!! It is high time to remind them that we are ALREADY on 30th Aug!!!!

Last but not the least, lots of congrats to one of my uni buddies, Prashant Sagar (kool Dubai/Indian classmate :D), who danced on various songs live for Orange Sitara Singing Competition. He is really a great dancer, no doubts!! 
Pff, pa p kpv atane la fin Orange Sitara, liyeu p demande impE peace!!!!
Congrats to the winner!!