My childhood..

10 10 2008
My childhood memories:
1) Killing ants and then eating them…huh…mo ti enkr bebe…2yrs maybe!! Was amazed by these little creatures that taste sour :p
2) Cutting of my hair by myself : ti fk aprane servi ciseaux lekol primaire sa mo kwar :p And Maybe cutting of Yashvin’s hair also from behind..while he was watching TV…
3) Getting LOST :p….but then later on they found me playing with water in toilet 😀
4) Cutting of Neha’s hand (who was then maybe 2years) by mistake :s li ti p trappe ‘lame’ dan so lamain e mne risse sa…. :S sorriiii neeeeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
5) Beating Yashvin and getting beaten by him…
6) Playing ‘Lamarelle’ with Deepa & Neha..
7) And yeahhh without forgetting: Getting damn scared of that famous ‘Neighbour’
Here are some pics of my childhood:

No comments, the pic says it all... :((

Cute little Daks and Bad Yashvin!!

Cute little Daks and Bad Yashvin!!


Huh..they were taking MY pic, i wonder from where he came!! :/ And he was smiling...look at my face!

s for me..

Not fair...he told me to look at the rabbit behind so as the pic becomes :s for me...

Any memories of your childhood that you wanna share?? 🙂



My Doggies..

23 08 2008

Today morning, i gave a bath to my two lovely teckels Pif & Pam…And since from long ago i havent blog anything, so why not blogging about this?!!! 😀

Thnks to little cousin, Neha, for having taken these pics!!

Here i am, bathing Pif 🙂 Yeah yeah i was still in my sleeping clothes 😀


Dashing Pif with the flower on head, bref, the smilling famous cutie 😛




Aaawwww see Pam hiding among grass so that i dont catch her for a bath lol!!

Aaawwww see Pam hiding among grass so that i dont catch her for a bath lol!!


Cute Pam after bathing and Me.. 🙂

 *I love Pif & Pam…muuaahhh muuuaaahh*
I remember once in the early morning, my late teckel Boule was biting one of my rabbits’ ass. The great smilling Pif couldnt see this and she immediately ran into the house and wake us up while barking loudly & continuosly {at that time she very small}. My mom knew something was wrong as Pif was as if trying to drag her towards the door. And eventually, when we all went in the yard, we saw Boule taking out the furs of the poor rabbit…
Check out Smilling Pif on Yashvin’s blog!!! 🙂
 I personally feel that we all should treat animals in a very caring way. Whatever the reason, i see the same thing over and over. People bring a pet home, at first show much love to it, then start to neglet it, and with time, they treat the pet as if it is a burden for them!! When i think of those ‘chiens errants’, i feel so much angry over the people who brought these dogs home but didnt even cared for them!!!
 Do you have pets? You love animals? Any incidents of your pets you wanna share? 🙂

First Day At Uni..

11 08 2008

11th August, the day which i was waiting so impatiently since 1month, finally came!! Arriving at uni together with Kevin, i was surprised to see so many unknown faces on campus, new students lol :P!!!!!

I was feeling kind of ‘Mamzel conne tu’ hehe as i know all the ‘ti bazz’ in uni as compared to the first year students who might be feeling like:
‘Ohh gossh, won’t i get lost in z campus while searching for my classes??’

Zero{Zaheer}, Ass{Ashwan}, Sweta, Wazal, Sooz{Rambaksh} and me sat ‘enbas pied kot cafetaria’ for about 1 and a half hours while ‘trappe vente riE’ with all our silly but really funny jokes lol 🙂 Well…like zero said, hope that this year they wont travel 2hrs to come to uni just to sit ‘enbas pied kot cafetaria pu met dialogue’ and then go back home {another 2hrs} without following the lectures due to the fact that they got bored and tired cracking jokes lol!!!!!!

At about 2.15pm, I left them and headed towards my class, LT1, where I met some other friends…and of course we took a lovely pic together {see below} 🙂

Only 4 guys em?? hehe!!
Only 5 guys em?? kot bn lezot la?? hehe!!

‘Esperons zot ine truv moa :p wii wiii saem cki en rose froncE lahaut la ha 😀 😀 😀 ‘

In class, to tell you frankly, I was damn impressed with our lecturer, Mr Dirpal…Woow, he is so intelligent!!!! Heard that he is only 25yrs 😛 I really got motivated with his lecture and when the class was over, I said to myself:

Wooo…bzn fr mo cpa galaxitE a tout prix ha lanE la 🙂

My First Article..

10 08 2008

Well this is the first time am writing an article and here it goes…

I started my blog with a whim which eventually brought me here. Am glad to have created it since it’s gonna be fun for myself to transmit my ideas of how i see life through my eyes and how I am living in it with a smile 🙂



 Ahem ahem… For me, am sure blogging will become like an addiction!! Thinking of new posts, reflecting my views, sharing my experiences, commenting on your way of seeing things and interacting with other bloggers also..

Day 1 – Crucial day!! Because without launching my blog’s design, an interesting post and facinating stuffs in line, i guess it can hurt the future success of my blog.. Anyways, am here to make it RUN SMOOTHLY hehe 😀

Oops, It’s already 00.30am… Damn me!! I got to wake up early tomorrow since it’s my first day at uni for my second year. Hopefully my blog isnt that sucking and you’ll come back here again…

Dropping my last words, biiii biiii, daks signing out 😛 Gudy gudnite gudmrng 🙂