About Me..

Currently doing BSc (Hons) Management (Minor: Finance) Level 2 at UOM, am someone very outgoing *wink wink*, love what i’ve & have what i love and am kind of always smiling person 🙂

Myself : + bon foto ha heheh 😛

I’ve got many friends and love to make new ones without forgetting, of course, to treasure my old mates. I love chatting, swimming, sleeping, playing badminton, listening to music, watching documental programs and travelling. Though am most likely to be seen occupied with my hobbies, i do study lol..

I am born on 17th June 1988 on a Friday morning at 5.10am {yeah yeah am now 20yrs}, Zodiac sign being Gemini, Favourite colour Pink & Yellow and have as motto Partying while studying Studying while partying 😛

Huh.. You still dont know my name? Je vous presente moi meme lol, Dakshinee Varsha Awootar, plus connue comme Daks pour les amis et Varsha pour les proches 🙂

You can add me on:

3) Google Talk: krazyfantasy@gmail.com
Ps: You can view my pics on http://varshaa.skyblog.com *shy*

21 responses

10 08 2008

Heyy Daks al dormi taaa lool
Naaa menti, sinon blog la pé vinn serye mai bizin dress li enn tigit selman… 4 exple tonn mett tou detail lor to naissance, so date so zour so lher, mai lendrwa la pena :d
Pé badiné lol bonnto nuit sweet sweet Daks!!!

10 08 2008

nice one daks
keep it up
hav a nice day at uni

10 08 2008

@ Cho-k:
lendroit…lopital pamplemousses la hehe :p
mo enkr beginnr la, biento pu fr blog la vine + ‘sexy’ lol… 🙂

11 08 2008

hey daksshhhiii!!!!!!!!!!

dats a great job hein!
really nice..mais
me oci wana hv mine
c possible?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 08 2008

Fason tne donne intro la kuma dir to p rod kiken pu marriage 😛

hehe p badiner..pa ti p ggn cmpran ki pu write..
niwayzzz gud luck didi…

11 08 2008

Nice to see your online presence on wordpress! Congrats for the nice initiative for blogging….to p met competition avek to big bro la non??? lol

Well, about you, I have known you, starting on Form 4, I think Eco tuition. You were always noticeable since you were mostly wearing Pink top.

Then in other tuitions also, noticeably Computing and Maths; Cool, here we are at the university studying management…Hey congrats, nune resi vine dan year 2 😀

Well, its an immense pleasure to see you around on the campus. I think you have a lots of charisma. True, you are someone very outgoing and always-smiling.

Will be checking out your blog posts and leaving some comments – kum sa to pu ena inP role pu moderate also 😀 aller, happy blogging

11 08 2008

heys daks…dats a cool 1…bon idea sa…lol….site la top….avc le temp to kav add more thgs to enhance it….

11 08 2008

LOL ! Competition dans la famille…

Got to increase my level now 😛

11 08 2008

@ Deepa
ti zozo…!!! 😛

@ Yashvin
to assiz kt 1pc e moa kt lot pc, dn meme laczz e nu compete…e si mo gagne ner r toa, mo kpv vine tappe toa 1kute lr to latete hehe 😀

@ Hans
Ala mo rente dan zot bato 🙂 moasi mne vine 1 blogger haha 😛

@ Ashesh
lol….to rapel mo ti p met top rose tu 😛 mo fav colour ha, zat’s y!!! I still put couleur rose oftn 😀

12 08 2008

Ola Yashvin’s sister.
You remind me of Morinn. WLOL http://morinn.blogspot.com/ But you sure do share the same blog DNA as Yashvin. It’s easily noticeable through the entries.
Keep blogging and rock on! BTW, have you ever considered pink streaks? I mean – your hair. It would look great (it does now) with pink streaks.
Have an enjoyable remainder of the week.

14 08 2008

@shah: Seem u have really fallen for that “pink streak in hair” 🙂

14 08 2008

lol….. 😀
maybe we should put a pink streak in Shah’s hair and see how it looks 😛

15 08 2008

*lol* Daks!! Mo envii truv twa with pink streak nw!! hihi
Aster mone coner si mo bizin done twa cado, ki color mo bizin choose!! PiNk!!
Pink soulier avec so ti rosette!! 😛

Kip blogging Dakssss!! 🙂


15 08 2008

@ Crazyvish
U little devil (6)
U remember my souiller creme avk ti rosette heheheh!!!!!!!!!
Lol….Infact….mo ti p pense pu coupe mo cv a la garsonne 😀
Yeah AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

15 08 2008

Hey 7575,
Trust u r fine..lol..
mne reussi gagne 1 letemps pou lir to blog la..
li mari interessant e surtout pou end of the world la..
aller apre..
btw pa encore truv toi uni la..
byez and take carez!!!

18 08 2008

I tried but can’t type your name – always end up typing Diksha instead of Dakshinee. Are you sure you don’t have an extra name ‘Diksha’? 😛

Chouchouzes avec rosette? Awwwwwwww… *cuteness overload* Add hello kitty socks to these chouchouzes awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… Which of the Sailor Senshies (the sailor soldiers in Sailor Moon) are you? I believe you’re the Rei Hino incarnate.

BBL *currently experiencing a massive cuteness overload*

18 08 2008

@ Satan
hey 026 😛
hope to see u soooooonnnn 🙂

@ Shah
lol…try to type simply DAKS 😛
hahaha….hey shah….i dnt put kitty socks nw 🙂 big gal nw!!
*shy shy…..smiles*

18 08 2008

Hey Diksha wlol, nah, Daks, I wear pink and I’m a guy who is older than you 😛 I even have hello kitty stickers. There’s no shame or harm in loving cute stuff. There is no correlation between hello kitty and age. Now, I want hello kitty socks fitting my feet *Awwww*

19 08 2008

@ Satan
Hey 026….it ws great to mit u 2day 🙂
Hahaha….too funnnyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nxt time i’ll see to it tht nofin gets on my jean/pant lol 😀
Pff stupid hair got stuck zer….*embarrassed smiles*

@ Shah
Dakkkkksssssss lol…….it’s simple…hehe…
Uhmm welll….frankly speaking, i dnt like to wear blue (guy’s colour)….
Blue or black are best colours for guys to wear i guess…
But sometimes pink colour luks damn gud on guys huh…. 🙂
*Aaaaawwww i wuld like to see u in kitty socks (6)*

20 08 2008

Lol.. daks pa 1 prob sa.. lot cou si ena kitchose kit stuck laba, to laisse moi tir li.. lollllll
Btw it was nice to meet u tooooo…

17 09 2008

hi Daks,
thanks for droppin by me blog…
and for the commentz!

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