My childhood..

10 10 2008
My childhood memories:
1) Killing ants and then eating them…huh…mo ti enkr bebe…2yrs maybe!! Was amazed by these little creatures that taste sour :p
2) Cutting of my hair by myselfย : ti fk aprane servi ciseaux lekol primaire sa mo kwar :p And Maybe cutting of Yashvin’s hair also from behind..while he was watching TV…
3) Getting LOST :p….but then later on they found me playing with water in toilet ๐Ÿ˜€
4) Cutting of Neha’s hand (who was then maybe 2years) by mistake :s li ti p trappe ‘lame’ dan so lamain e mne risse sa…. :S sorriiii neeeeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
5) Beating Yashvin and getting beaten by him…
6) Playing ‘Lamarelle’ with Deepa & Neha..
7)ย And yeahhh without forgetting: Getting damn scared ofย that famous ‘Neighbour’
Here are some pics of my childhood:

No comments, the pic says it all... :((

Cute little Daks and Bad Yashvin!!

Cute little Daks and Bad Yashvin!!


Huh..they were taking MY pic, i wonder from where he came!! :/ And he was smiling...look at my face!

s for me..

Not fair...he told me to look at the rabbit behind so as the pic becomes :s for me...

Any memories of your childhood that you wanna share?? ๐Ÿ™‚





28 responses

10 10 2008

ti coupe yashvin so CV.. hahahahaha

samem li pas reste preskE narnien mem aster.. lol

10 10 2008

No comments about this incident!!!
mone tane dir to ti p kouyone mwa ek biscuit pou mo pa plorer.:)

Ena impr fourmi p fer parad dan mo lacaz la,kan to pou vine fer ene ti letour kot nou la.Hahahaha!

10 10 2008

@ vicks : lollz megalol

10 10 2008

OMG daksss…..manzeuse fourmi!!!!hihihihi…..girlll…to troooooo komikkk!!!!!!

10 10 2008

@ Vicks
li bzn servi hair growth!!!!!

@ Neha
weiii ti resi couyonne toi sement :p mai chak fois biscuit ti p fini, to ti p guet to lamain e to ti p re pleurer ::D

10 10 2008

Un grand dimoune ti dir mw ek mo ser(neha):
โ€œfer attention,pa tro zouer avk sa piti la..kan li pu fer tw ggn dimal,li pu fini kumnc plorer avan to kumnc plorer tw..โ€

sa โ€œliโ€ c our dear blogger varsha aka mo didi hihi..

Eyy waii mo enkr rapel sa zafr lamarelle la..ti tro bon sa..hmmm tou les jours vers 5hr parla zot tou lor chemin ti p jouer hide n seek..:P

Ban xtr bon memories sa..:)

Hmm btw to rapel sa incident la kot to ti fer mw ggn dimal lor mo genou,i think to ti tir mo lapeau avk to bracelet..poor ti pleurer bcu sa jour enkr rapel kuma bhai e neha ti p console mw..sniff sniff..:(
enfin li bon to pa kuma avan..
ena un xtr un
hope ki to res kumsa em tou les temps..:D

10 10 2008

@ Deepa
hehe…eutaaahhh…coment dir bocu dimounes mo ena pu dir sorriiii laa :p soorriiiii didi Dpa…pa ti fer par expres pu to gagne dimal…dan jouer jouer tne ale gagne dimal r mo joli bracelet ๐Ÿ˜€

10 10 2008

Ziska ler mo ena mark la lol..
niwyz kan nu ti tipti sa.dan jouer jouer arriver sa ban zistoir la…
un joli souvenir sa hehe..

10 10 2008

too funny too funny! manzer fourmi be moi mo pa ti kav dir fourmi mo ki p dir sumi !

11 10 2008

Nice to know about your childhood.

11 10 2008

“then eating them”

eating ants??!!!! how do they taste?????

” Beating Yashvin and getting beaten by himโ€ฆ”
mega lol. to bate to big bro tu!!!

“famous โ€˜Neighbour”
euhh who was the neighbour??

Cute little Daks and Bad Yashvin!!
I love this pic.

True, childhood times are the best.

B fer module understanding society la. got to learn that it is your childhood that will shape your personality in the future. par eg. gurls play with joujou menage, barbie dolls etc. they are expected to be able to handle the home when they grow adult and have a feminine personality. Similarly, boys play with toy cars, fizi delo etc. they are expected to be future drivers.

My childhood memories:
1) I was sucking my thumb!! (shy smiley)
2) ti ene garcon extra desorder -> ti p content fer wrestling avek zot tu
3) was hyper shy of gurls
4) loved to ride my Hercules bicycle. lol; i still have it in my garage and ride it sometimes
5) enjoyed the traditional games: la marelle, hide n seek, la police voler, foot with a soft ball i.e that which cats love to play with, playing Cannette, my ti tutu -> akru , pakru (from Jungle Book)

Enfin, could the scientists come with something that permit us to “travel back” and enjoy these wonderful childhood moments again??? M sure et certain sa “einstein” ki pu resi fer sa, pu gagne ene prix Nobel ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheers and Happy Blogging!

11 10 2008

tarrr, ena imper dimounes p koze mo kozer zordi zour ๐Ÿ˜›

sans oublier bane fois ou nu fine laguerre, batter coute savatte, tshirt dechirer!
Ou meme ene fois kot nu ti p peintire lakaaz et bagarre ine lever, nu fine commence prend pinceau pu laguerre et lerla nu ti defonce ene laporte lakaaz ๐Ÿ˜›

mwa ene fois mo rappel mo ti coupe neha so cv, li ti bien tipti lol, mo ti p badiner soi disan p faire zeste couper et vraiememe ene plotte cv ti couper, mone cachiette li toute suite et mone al zetter (A)

As for manze fourmi la, bane colonies ti p gagne per pu etabli dans nu lakaaz, akoz Varsha la mangeuse de fourmi ti p assize au millieu couloir, et tous fourmi ki passer, *POK* avec la main et lerla li passe so la langue lo lamain la pu ramasse fourmi la dans so la bouche….

btw, zotte fine check mo gato lanniversaire??? Premier foto la!
Mo ti gagne ene longue train comme gato, et toujours varsha bisin devant devant, ziska meme pu gagne kdo…

ziska meme ene fois sa f* la ti zette mo specs et ene boute ti casser, line garde li trankil dans coin.
Dan lesson mo p casse mo latete kifer mo specs manke ene boute! :@

ena trop boukoup pu rakonter, some other day mo ava ekrire lo sa…

11 10 2008

@ Ashesh
m currently doing understanding society itself hehe..
uuhmmm ashesh was shy of gals…n wat abt nw ashesh?? still shy?? ๐Ÿ˜›
sucking thumb…not lol….coz moisi mo ti p fer li….2nd & 3rd ledoits ๐Ÿ˜€

@ Yashvin
hahahhaha….pooovvv neha pa ti cone narien ๐Ÿ˜› mo rapel saaa!!!
no comments abt z broken specs ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
mega LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 10 2008

lol, really childhood is the best ๐Ÿ˜€

la guerre sa ena mem sa, exemple c cot mwa, hihi:D

to ti p nana fourmi, haha, mwa mo ti p fer miss, ti p jouer fizi, rajiv avek tush ti p bien couyonne mwa, plus ine bien jouer avek medha n dan ๐Ÿ˜€

its always gona b memorable:)

ban pics la bien joli:D

11 10 2008

mo rapel sa bagarre la ti labas ti fini ggn peur mw..
mw e neha nu in dibout dan un coin sans dire rien,nek ti p guet cinema..

hey bhai to rapel kan varsha ti tir tw endehors lakz..
ki pa ti ena kot nu p mort r rier kan mo p pens lor sa..

11 10 2008

@ Deepa
moisi p mort r rier :p :p :p
en passant….kifr mo ti tir li dhors lacaz?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

11 10 2008

hehe, me too ti p suck thumb
to rapel mo ti p dir toi daks, i think it was in marketing fundamental class ha!
haha, ene fois mo ti envi imit my dad, he used to cut my hair. so i took cisors n cut my hair, hihi, mne coupe mo couzine so hair also! n guest wat happen after that, mne gagn bater ar dad, poor little me!!!!

11 10 2008
Kurt Avish

My memories….bon mo ti impe pa tro normal moi…

1. Fight and beat those which “mo pa ti p content zot figir” are livre et cahier!! Et oci coup cheveux ban tifi ki mo pa ti content.. so its one of the reason that I went to SIX primary schools in total ๐Ÿ˜€ – Ti bizin keep transfering me lol.

2. Arange avion en papier and then met dife pa derier et avoy par la fenet. Mo ti met dife tou buku foi dan gazon dehor. Oci arange bato en papier et met dan cuvet delo then met dife la dan. ๐Ÿ˜€

3. Taking 2 hours to build a nice aeroplane with the small lego la…then crash it in 1 second and feel so good to see it crashed.

4. Fight with ants. I used to take my whole armies of loto and tank teleguide and went to fight with the colony of ants en dehor lakaz.

5. Fer attentat suicide are mo ban fuzi ar murail. mo rapel un foi my mom bought a gun over rs2000 if am nt wrong…with tou kalite deco and gadgets… and on the same day i took it and ran directly straight crashing it in the wall…the gun was in pieces…. my hands was in blood…. at the hospital i told the doc…”mone gagne dimal dan laguer sa” ๐Ÿ˜€

6. ti habities soigne chenille oci. ban gro vert la…tiena unta cot moi…a colony…. kan zot pre pu vione papiyon zot vine noir la ki bon…zot vine extra aggresif

7. Fer concert ar mo ban bouba…bien longtemp sa! Ti p chanter for fort avec mo mini la guitar.

pheewww list too long…maybe mo coir smtime later mo mem mo ecrir un post pu racont too lor mo blog wlol. ๐Ÿ˜€

11 10 2008

Childhood memories….unforgettable…

I remember…my mum ti p coude linge…ek tellement mo ti p guet li servi gro ciseaux…ene beau jour mo pran sa gro ciseau la ek mo coupe mo cheveux ๐Ÿ˜€

Next…kan le soir mo ale dormi…mo o milieu lor lili la…ek le matin mum or dad ti bizin ramasse moi en bas lor sali ek mo loryer ๐Ÿ˜€

Even I was sucking my thumb

Then…moi ek mo cousine…nu ti p bien jouer joujou menage ek poupettes…depi ler mo jouer joujou menage ek poupette ensam mo bane petite nieces…

Mo ti bien content casse mo frere so bane inventions ar lego

sa mem mo rapelle, haha

11 10 2008

haha, pas tigit fois line tire mwa dehors lakaaz ๐Ÿ˜›

ou meme bane fois zotte mo ti p bisin sover attention gagne batter lol.
Pas ki mo ti p per li non, mais si to passe dans so lamain, to sire to tshirt pu dechirer!

Apres kant sa trappe twa batter, coup poing coup pied pu gagner!


12 10 2008

@ Everyone
Seems like many of you was amazed by ciseaux and cutting hair by yourself…and also sucking thumb lol ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

@ Chaya
toi to ti p casse to frer so inventions e lego…
ici mo frer ti p casse mo ban poupettes…li ti p ouvert zot e retire zot ‘dinamo’ {mo kwar coume sa em dir sa} endan…. :s
e lerla mo poupette ti arete p causer :((

@ Kurt Avish
paret to ti 1 desordere em toi :p
hehehhe, 6 primary skuls, met difer, pren letemps arrange lego e casse li…lol, too funny ๐Ÿ™‚
toisi to ti contre ban ants mo truV :p
moi mo ti kwar kan fitte crayon, sa lapouchiere la vine papillon kn met li dn delo :s :s :s
Mega mega mega LOL….tne gagne dimal dn laguere ๐Ÿ˜›

12 10 2008

LOL zot bien komik seulement.

Ti Yashvin looks cute ๐Ÿ˜›

12 10 2008

@Slasher : merci merci

@Avish : ta, to ti ene metteur difer twa!!!

12 10 2008

cute angels ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

12 10 2008

LOL, thats so funny ๐Ÿ˜€ childhood is always funny ๐Ÿ˜›

12 10 2008

@ avish : weh weh ale laguer top net sa

moi 1 mo episode ‘cizo’: mo pa ti kon tan kar mo cv touche mo fron alor mne taille li , pa bizin dir kuma lin vini ..lendemain mne bizin ale tir photo passport pu met dan enkor rapel telman li ti komik leten officier customs p chek mo passeport li rie ar mwa lolz

apre apre uuh weh toule temp mo ti pe aranzer mem mwa , mo ti gagn 1 montre pu mo anif ek tanto li ti fini alright! 1 camera pu noel sa oci history mem , 8 loto teleguider dead! be dan , dan konzer kan mne fini fr 6em mne asizer mne envant 1 loto supersonik li ti pe mem roul emba loa [1 defo sa lol]
weh childhood mari top sa! haha

12 10 2008

Tire dynamo dan joujou ek poupettes….ahaa..aster moi mo fer sa…ek mo bane nieces so poupettes…tro fer tapaz sa…:P

a lepok mo frere ti p tire cki pu moi…

dan tipti, le temps ti p fini fer besoin dan toilettes ek mama bizin vine lave nu, ti pu criyer “mama, mone fini tata, vine lave moi!!!”…ti p criyer fort ziska voisin ti p tander tou! enfin pa mo faute sa…kot ti p reste avant, toilette la ti dehor *shy and embarassed*

Mo frere li ti p pran bain dan mo mama so sindoor ek li p met trace sindoor ek so li pied entier lakaz…ek fallait gueter kuma mo mama so crise monter ๐Ÿ˜€

Mo frere ti fer plis desordre ki moi!

Li ti met difer dan lakaz…li ti p casse tou joujou….li ti p la guerre ar tou mo bane lezot cousins…ek li ti p bien batte moi…sniff sniff

Tellement mo ti bon zenfant ek tellement mo dormi bien….mo mama ti p attache moi are saree lor lili…lot bout saree la attacher ar barreaux la fenetre, ek li ti p gagne le temps ale fer shopping Port Louis ek retourner, mo ti p enkor dormi ๐Ÿ™‚

Sa mem mo p rapel…bizin demande mo mama enkor ๐Ÿ™‚

2 11 2008

eating ants….. ohhh…. that must be… ummm….. nooo comments… ๐Ÿ™‚


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