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18 09 2008

The cruel killed horse: Uhhmmm hope you know about the cruel killing of a horse by two shit guys, in Mauritius during May 2008, the clip of which was available on facebook. Check out Yashvin’s Blog for more info.. You’ll be happy to know that enquiry is going on… Humanity still exists 🙂

Holidays for students: I bet most primary and secondary students would be saying yuupppiiieeee NO SCHOOL, just like my cousin neha who had a class test yesterday…..and perhaps they’ll hope that tomorrow also there is a holiday, wed thurs fri sat sun at home, simply woooww!!
But most tertiary students want to go to uni. Actually we’ve group assignmnts to submit and some friends find it really hectic to do that on msn, definitely not me lol ;p
Uni life is simply too good though!! 
Credit Crisis: Most of you might have read this. Stocks have fallen sharply since wednesday. The American International Group (AIG) share prices fell over 95% yesterday which caused it to go bankrupt!! The Federal Reserve Bank (FED) has been authorized to give credit facility to AIG from which AIG may draw up to $85 billion, thus preventing the market to crash. In return, the federal government will receive a 79.9% stake in the company.
It is worth noting that this news came just 2 days after a straight refusal by the very same Fed to financially help Lehman Brothers, one of the leading investment banks!! Infact FED has help AIG because it’s collapse will have very serious impacts on global financial system..
 For some , it is panic while for others who are smart enough, this is the perfect opportunity to invest right now. Well, now people will be investing on gold or silver instead of on shares after whatever happened, and as a result, this will cause prices of gold & silver to increase. Gold is expected to rise at $950 an ounce at end of year.
Oil fell below $92 a barrel in SIngapore. The reason advanced for such a sharp fall is the fierce credit crisis that has already made two leading banking giants victims in the US.
Just came to know that the Russian Market has crashed. The sharp decline in the price of oil had severe consequences for Russia. However, the primary cause of the Russian Financial Crisis was not the fall of oil prices directly, but the result of non-payment of taxes by the energy and manufacturing industries.

Investors have completely lose confidence on the market!!


Hearts – *AAaaawwww*

Thanks to Fadil Soobraty who took this pic n sent me, a heart potato..

Thanks to Fadil Soobraty who took this pic n sent me, a heart potato..


Aaaawww look at this lovely heart bread pic, i took this yesterday morning, sorry for image quality :S


BIG THANKS TO FADIL SOOBRATY  WHO HELPED ME IN THIS BLOG POST (Fadil mne met to nom en Bold, Italic & Underlined la :D)




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18 09 2008

Staying at home is damn boring!
Mo p mat lakaz…en plis ek sa la pli pa kav sorti sinon pu gagne criyer…:P

18 09 2008

mo prefere pa guet video kot zot p touye horse la brutally.
mo tro tipti pu compren credit crisis hihihi.

18 09 2008

I hope ki demai si pena skul..mai kuma dir mo p truv soleil endehors..aye..
no comments lor video la.. :S

18 09 2008

@ Chaya
moi mo ena grup assignmnt pu fer pu finance…nu pa p kpv meet em :S
yaps mo prefere ale uni moisi, plein at hme!!

@ Neha
moi mne guet la moitier em mne commence gagne pleurer e vertige 😦
imagine toi coment line souffert pu sa 😦
really cruel…. :((

@ Deepa
lol…ti coner to pu dir sa ;p
hpe ki 2main ena skulllll…..fatiguer rest laczzz!!

18 09 2008

Moi i just hope ki sa 2 “bachara” kin touye sa cheval la… they have their throat sliced…and see their blood irrigating their mom’s little home garden!!!!!

Sa pomme de terre la haut la… in fini fer chips ar sa ? 😀

18 09 2008

staying at home..oh my suxxx too in mari mat

18 09 2008

Concerning the killing of the horse.
you said that” you’ll be happy to know that enquiry is going on”.

mind to elaborate on that.Who is making the enquiry?

If you’re unaware, a post about the killing of the horse was made on the forum of defimedia and in less than 1 hour some one deleted the post.
Check my blog for more details.

19 09 2008


19 09 2008

i wonder how horse taste like :S

20 09 2008

@ Avish
lol….bzn ask fadil em si line mange heart potato la 😛

@ Tushal
Apres mo pu blog lor cki ine arriver pu cheval la..
Moisi mo sources confidential mai li exacte….:)

@ Yashvin
Ziste sa emoticon la tone gagne pu metter com commnt? signifier bucu zafer sement lol ;P

@ Fadil
ggrrr!! pa fer moi dirrr laaa lol 😀
ti p ale ekrir: i wonder hw fadil taste like…haha…

20 09 2008

PAWs, MSPCA have both opened an inquiry and its glad to see that it has been reported in Defi Plus newspaper.
Whats more shocking is to read what the owner said! ! !
BULLSH!T people on this earth..

Please eradicate such illness

20 09 2008

Thanks for stopping on my blog. You have a pretty good blog with some nice subject matter and posts! Will come back and read more… 🙂

20 09 2008

@ Tushal
am very glad tht people have considered this as smething quite serious…
bullshit owner!!
but i’ve heard a diff version:
zot ine touye li coumeha juste pu kpv pren horse la so latete e fer li comme decoration…

@ lovliebutterfly
u r most most most welcome here…:)

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