New Facebook..

17 09 2008

 I believe that most of you have an account on facebook. It’s really a nice social networking website where you’ll be finding many mauritians there. A great way to communicate, find your lost friends, keep in touch with others, learning about events etc in this busy world. I remember once upon a time Hi5 used to be so popular. Facebook is kind of taking over the hearts of most teenagers now lol..

To tell you frankly, i dont like hate the new facebook though i admit that am getting quite used to it now. Well according to me, it looks quite messy and confusing. Actually there are more things to dislike than to like on it. I find the original design to be much better.

It’s sad to know that all facebook users have been automatically shifted to the new design when logging in. Now we cant even reverse back to the old style like before. It’s as if they’ve FORCE us to use the new design. Hope sooner or later we all will catch up with the new facebook just like all its new applications.

But am not able to adjust myself with the new wall because it shows everything that you’ve done, it’s not clean. Maybe human beings are not quickly keen to changes!! To be honest, i would say that while trying to improve the facebook design, the facebook people have infact worsen it!!

Anyways, thanks to facebook, i’ve found out that i’ve two more cousins: Antish Awootar and Anurag Awootar 🙂

So, are you also dissatisfied with the new facebook?
Question pour 1 champion:
what is more confusing, facebook or women? 😮



20 responses

17 09 2008

The new facebook sucks.

17 09 2008

fuf!!!!mo ti p gagne prob ar sa new fb la mwa!!Sitan mone confused..mone all delete presK tou mo bane wall posta…hihihihihi…now mo kinda okiii….p abitier mwa!!!mais still….li bien messyy…..

17 09 2008

well, i have already returned to the old facebook…

17 09 2008

me too i dunt like te new one… wit the tabs nd all… Avant, tou ti lor ene sel page [i mean the profile]..nw its broken into more. *fuff* DEja li pren timeto load, aster bizin atane load lezot tabs *hmphh*


17 09 2008

WEPS ducks!
i agree new facebook dan bze cOz c tro complicated!
make us round n round mais 2b true mo encoler wiz facebuk!
mais…i cnt go against it coz i love facbuk sice it really helps me out wen im sad n alone!
je taime fessebuk..sorriii!

17 09 2008

Depi ler personne pane dir zot content new facebook lol…. :p

17 09 2008

heyyyy i love the new facebook! IT’s awesome!

17 09 2008

@ Fadil
mo coner to p pren nissa r moi toi *wink*

17 09 2008

Enfin new facebook la krk,li pu light e ban applications la load vite..
mai ena fois li fer kuma grrr…marker mo cpv jet mo pc..

17 09 2008

The new layout is way better – faster to navigate, and the use of tabs is an addition to the ecosystem. Separating the profile data from others held by apps, is a good thing. I don’t know what the fuss is all about. Do you want to be like an ole’ grandma resistant to change? Grandma Daks, stop whinning. 😛 (Your hair will never age, BTW. It’s too lovely to age.)

17 09 2008

sa tifi ena n cute smile sa….daks..di…lol

17 09 2008

useless grrrr… crapped inter face

18 09 2008

You’re all hesitant to try something better, bunch of old grumpy people.

@ Daks – just noticed the question @ the end of the entry. None are complicated. One just have to deal and appreciate both of them (in the case of women, the hair matters most *awww*)

18 09 2008

@ Hans
lol…thnnxxx… ;p

@ Shah
Uhhhmm maybe you are right, we all should be resistant to changes!!!
But it takes bit time though…
m trying to get used to the new facebook 🙂
To learn is to change…….

18 09 2008

I have never used facebook 🙂 as i prefer to stay away from these social communities, i know there is nothing bad with it but i simply prefer avoid it 😉

Read my latest blog post about When will you die??

18 09 2008

Mo pa servi new facebook mem…My account hasn’t been automatically shifted to the new one. Puiske you saying it’s messy, i wn’t even click on the link it provides for new facebook alors 😛

As a matter of fact, I check facebook once in a while *shy*
I ignore all applications requests btw.

Ben bon c’est vrai!



18 09 2008

@ Chaya
try to adjust wiz it…lol…i also ignore most of the applications :S
there r too much… 😉
actually i attend to a maximun no of quizzz jst to see my result but thn i take it out frm my profile hehe…;)

18 09 2008

mo pa servi facebook moi, latete fermal coment rentre ladan

18 09 2008

I find new facebook good… Pa grand changement apart appearance..juste ke mo imper perdu la 😛
Let me find my way out 😛

18 09 2008

@ neha: twena raison… la tet fermal ar facebook! COment to click lor un zafer…to gagne lot zafer pu clik…its nonsense sa…. it shld have been 🙂

Anyway i had always hated site like hi5, facebook and others….

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