13 09 2008

Below are some pics which i guess will surely make you think carefully about life…Sometimes breathtaking, sometimes horrific!!!  I hope you’ll learn some lessons from these pics. We all have our life changing events and struggles, and we all should try to learn from these experiences to become better people. Changing the world is definitely hard but not impossible though. We should all move forward towards the developping of a better world…

The Baby Hand

The Baby Hand


The Starving Boy

The Starving Boy


Mouse with Human Ear

Mouse with Human Ear


Iraqi Girl

Iraqi Girl


The Power of One

The Power of One


11 Sept Attacks

11 Sept Attacks


Lynching of Yound Blacks

Lynching of Young Blacks





Dead on the Beach
Dead on the Beach


Burial of Unknown Child                                                                    Burial of Unknown Child


                                                                     I’ve a Dream






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13 09 2008

It sounds utopian since nobody cares about acting righteous. We are all pawns in society’s chess game controlled by the power…..wait…allow me to reflect on the pictures. 5 word come to mind: primitive, disaster, will, statistics, hope.
You should totally watch the movie ‘Idiocracy.’
And yes, your blog entry does make one think a lot. It’s very deep.

13 09 2008

**Dring Dring…No comments**LoL
I’m in reflection now..I mean..deep thought..

13 09 2008

phewwwww…….ferr gagne perrr sa bane pics la…..mett mwa in a reflection as well….hmmmmmmmmm

13 09 2008

mone traumatisé *-)

13 09 2008

hmmmm…daks…1st pic…fer plis effects…lol

13 09 2008

@ Shah
i prefer the word hope…
hoping for a better world 🙂
yeaahh deep meaning pics…

@ Hans
1st pic makes me feel dizzy :S
i prefer z last pic…
Martin Luther King = i’ve a dream!!
a dream for a better life 🙂

13 09 2008

kieter sa do??

vin nudge mw lakz,mo en reflection mw si 😀

15 09 2008
Kurt Avish

Nice. These picture do actually make one think a lot… abt why is it like this and how etc.

20 11 2008
Reena DKL

The Baby Hand:
Great pic…Well I guess this is the most beautiful of God’s creation…A little human being…it’s first touch in the real world…Isn’t it amazing that people give birth to kids to suffer on Earth??? Maybe that’s why I don’t want to have kids…what if I die 2morrow??? Who will take care of my kids???…Bof…

The Starving Boy:
Guess this should be shown to kids who are too fussy with what heir parents feed them at home…I thank God for the food I have….Thank you God!

Mouse with Human Ear:
I know scientists do research about ‘greffe’. These are animals trial before they go on human ones…Shame coz I love mice and it’s sad to see it this way… Anyway it’s a tough debate…

Iraqi Girl:
It shows that even in ennemy territory, some US soldiers remain humans…(contrary to what is always shown on TV :p )

The Power of One:
Could not see it 😦

11 Sept Attacks:
It gave me goosebumps and I cry everytime I think about the 200 firemen who died. My dad is a fireman, so…am a little more sensitive here…
It was awful because it only proves that some sick-head are there only to kill innocent people…their whole concept is BULLSHIT!

Lynching of Young Blacks:
Why don’t the white people out there realise that if those blacks did not work for free in their fields, they’d (the white) would be nothing!!!??? And mind you even today some still think the same…just Saturday last I went to a shop…I entered and said hello to everyone present…One white woman with her 3 daughters gave no shit..10 mins later another white eneters with her friend…Oh what do I hear??? ‘Bonjour!’ Really! Makes me sick!!!

(Too beautiful for words..)

Dead on the Beach:
If only the leaders of some countries could be sent to battle field instead of innocent soldiers….

Burial of Unknown Child:
Sometimes I wonder where God is? Maybe he is too ashamed of the human doings that he just turns his back and leaves…

I’ve a Dream:
We all have…and dreams do come true!!! I know that for sure! Take Obama for example 🙂 Who could have thought that??? Huh??

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