My Virtual Baby..

7 09 2008
 Well i’ve a virtual baby on facebook, Pariii Awootar.. Actually Pariii doesnt have a father, i created her all alone, difficult task pppfff!! Everyday i care for her, thus earning baby bunks to buy food or clothing stuffs for her.. I’ve got another way to earn bunks, making other babies and then earning baby bunks out of them, yeah yeah i know it’s wrong, gonna care for them also.. And you can also invite relatives or report neglected babies to earn more bunks 🙂

 I saw my baby growing, from Preschool level,  Kindergarten level to Lower Elementary level, really great experience for me.. To reach the last level u’ve to get atleast 6000 baby bunks which is quite difficult if u r a single parent, like me lol.. But actually it’s a fun application, where you can dress your baby, bring her to hair saloon, shop for her, feed her, thus knowing about her tastes & preferences etc.. It’s mainly a girly stuff *aaawwww*!! And yaps, Pariii’s birthday is on 28th February 😀

  Hope facebook will create one more level for the ‘Make a Baby’ application.. I would love to see Pariii becoming an adolescent, maybe then i’ll have to find a Bf (Best Friend) for her… For the time being, let her enjoy playing with my cousine Deepa Awootar ‘s Baby, Ahana Awootar.. Though i admit the house becomes a big mess afterwards!! Uhmm i’ve got no plans to give Pariii a brother, perhaps i’ll have to find a daddy for her sooonn heheheh!!! Not virtual one though 😛

wiii mo bb fr impE remixx bn words…li parco conne cozeer bien bien, for e.g: ventilateur=tivenlateur…coca=caco…camaleon=macaleon…

Pariii Awootar: 2yrs-3yrs-4yrs

Ahana Awootar: 3yrs-4yrs





21 responses

7 09 2008

lol, mo p gagne nieces tout mo pas koner?

Mo esperer li pas gueler toute la nuite!!!
Mo pu tire li dehors lakaaz.

7 09 2008

lol @ Yashvin…to ene mechant mamou hein 😛
to bizin pamper to bane nieces avek dolls, gato, joujou menages etc etc

7 09 2008

eh to ban babies super cute ein!
rode papa la vite pu adopter zot!
lol…keep it up!

7 09 2008

Yep varsha to bzn rod un pops pu banla..
lol.. ^o^
li bon em mo ban babies res kot mw sinon bhai ti pu envole zot sa
astr mo p res compran lavie kuma eter,bzn trvail pu ggn largent sa..
btw mo ena rs11000 hehe..

Awwww ban bb la tro cute….

7 09 2008

I hope ki apr nu cpv marier zot…
lol 😛

7 09 2008

maybe me the father of your baby;)
and i think i’ll be a good daddy:)

7 09 2008

@ Yashvin
poooovvv pariiii & ahana…to pu tir zot dhors brr!!
aster gato pu zot…bucuuu!!! 😀
n amene zot waterpark siii…

@ Deepa
mo ena bien tigitte baby bunks la…
2main li pu augmenter lol!!
hey mo p gagne papa tu pu pariii wahahaha…. 😛

7 09 2008

awwwwww…..mossi mo ti ena 1 baby….rohan…mais mone touye li avant li grandi….(remove application la)….croooo sweeettt sa….sa waii!!!!!!1 vraii mama!!!!!!!

keeep it up babe…..pari pari hai ek pari assmaan se aa giri… na na…daks ke godi se aaa giri….awwwwwwwwww

7 09 2008

Have fun, virtual mommy. Your entry reminds me of an episode of Batman Beyond – The egg baby. Terry had to take care of a robotic “egg” which mimicked the features of a human baby. He passed family studies by stimulating the sense of the egg baby.
Does facebook app allow a certain level of interaction? Even in text-based events? Can you please post the URL to the facebook app?
I wish you to have 10 babies in the future. The mini-Daks will play with your hair, bite, and be their cute-selves. WLOL

7 09 2008

Hey really too sweet z way tone put sa, Adolescent truc la too cool, house becoming a mess tro cute,……really i enjoy to writing!!! Paret to pu become a good mother toi ein to pu find Bf n Gf for ur kids, to garson to conner ki pu dir u, mum lache moi les basketss,..lolz

7 09 2008

Mo pna sa app la mw *-) bizin chek n coup kuman li eter..mais bizin rod n mum pu pran li soin…lol!!

7 09 2008

@ Keshni
Truver, mo p commence donne signes 1 bon mama tu ;D
poovvv rohaannnnn!!!!!
si to readd application la to pu regagne to zenfant :p
lost child hehehe….

@ Shah
wahaha…10 babiesss!!!!!!!!! no no 2 is more than enuf lol…
yaps u cn interact wiz z baby or u cn evn put him on doll mode…..:)

@ Avish
truver to content zenfants toisiiii….
na na pu donne zot liberter mai avk limits…;p

@ Preetesh
hahahhaa, to kpv pren soins zenfant la to em….:D
change diapers, fr li dodo, chanter pu li, amene li popom tusa…..;p
bn tifis content bn garsons coumeha ;p ;p ;p

7 09 2008

Found it ->

it’s seems to be conventional, really. most human females prefer <= 3 kids.

still, the baby will play with your hair 😛 *Awwww*

babies are fun for computer scientists (@ yashvin, get married 😛 ) who don’t sleep much and have thin hair for the babies to pull (hence, the babies pull the hair of the mother which is so aww cute)
seriously though, babies are fun…it’s too sad that they’ve to grow up 😦

7 09 2008

hey nice blog :). cute babies

8 09 2008
Kurt Avish

Virtual Baby and real Mum WLOL. Have Fun.

Btw another avish in met comment la haut.. pa moi sa hein. This one here is me lol 🙂

8 09 2008

Hehe, that’s very interesting 🙂 In this way, people will stop creating biological babies but will shift to virtual baby- zer’s less expenses :p

8 09 2008

Faire moi rappel bne Tamagoshi 1 lepok
.. ena 1 ti ressemblance barclays ek sa bne fifis la … dommage zot trop grand pou Ray

8 09 2008

@ Shah
i prefer 2 kids only. mre thn enuf 😛
would luv it wen they’ll play wiz my hair….:)

@ Kurt Avish
hehhehe yaps ino…:)
real mummy actin virtually ;p

@ Mrexcellence
great idea keevv….:D nu fr essaie la r to em ;p

@ Najiib
jiiiiiibbbbbbb……hehehhee….barclays tro tro tro zoliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xtra conpliment pu moi saaa ;D
ahhhh barclayss…fr rever ;p
pa grav ha jiiibbbbb….biento pu ena 1 lot ti virtual barclays!!! ;D

8 09 2008

I hate this thing…

8 09 2008

LoL Daks..
b jour Yashvin faire met li dehors! ! !LoL

10 09 2008

A chak fois mo ti p truv “Parii Awootar” in the personal message [on msn] of daks, i was wondering who was she!! Now i knowww!! Herrr Babyy!! *lol*
Dakss… tro kool sa!! mo croire mwa ossi mo ale fer ene baby..on facebook!! *lol*

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