Overweight and Diet..

2 09 2008

Who doesnt want to look goodie goodie good? Most of us have this dream of being beautiful, cute, pretty, sexy and adorable..

Unfortunately, it seems that everything good in life is either illegal, Immoral or makes you take weight. People are getting fatter and fatter everywhere around the world!!

According to the latest 2005 statistics from the World Health Organization, released in 2007, there are 1,600,000,000 overweight adults (age 15 and over) in the world.. This number is projected to grow by 40% around the year 2015!!

Very interestingly, 45.6% people in Mauritius are overweight according to that statistics. The percentage is continuing to increase over the years, thus becoming more and more alarming for us!!

 Dieting has always been popular among the adolescents who are normally more concerned with their weight and shape. It is not surprising that even adults want a refreshing change in their shape nowadays!! Well, for those who wants to go on diet, do visit this website, quite useful one. Il faut soufrir pour etre belle!!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry for tomorrow you’ll diet.. 😛




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2 09 2008

Okayy! “Most of us have this dream of being beautiful, cute, pretty, sexy and adorable..” Dudette, being as slim as Sheryl Cole doesn’t make you sexy but rather look like a baton wlol – a bamboo stick.
My views about dieting are the same as Foamy. Watch this and comment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA5YNegg4ok
More of Foamy here: http://www.illwillpress.com

Enjoy your Wednesday 🙂 *hug*

3 09 2008

Acoz sa em ena slim and trim lol btw thanks for coming on yushavish. I have already added u in ,my blogroll islandcrisis. Take care…. and avoid good things… it give weights lol 😀

3 09 2008

Dernier pik la komik… *hihi*
O fait c vrai…i mauritius ppl have this cholesterol problm..and this results in other complications. However dieting is not the only solution..
bizin ena ene hygiene de vie.. like doing regular exercise nd all. Dieting is something ppl should know how to do it…
Not eating during the day is NOT dieting!!
nice blog Daks *smile*


3 09 2008

LMAO..to pe rode vin baton kisa???LoL
wai faire diet c ok..mais ena limit..pa kpv faire diet pou vin comment dire baton! !

3 09 2008

Hi All,

Dieting pa fer margri koz once u stop dieting, u gain that lost weight back!
Il faut manger bien ek ce k’il faut!

Just like vishali said, bizin ene hygiene dan la vie, hygiene pa seulment dire reste propre!

Faut manger sainement!

I remember someone telling me:
Le matin mange kuma le roi (petit dej)
La journer manger kuma someone rich (dejeuner)
Le gouter mange kuma ene dimoune average
Le soir mange kuma mandiant (dinner)

Mais moricien fer tou le contraire! Ena de koi ena high rate obeisity dan moris!



3 09 2008

*smuggling Twix chocolate bars and 5 slices of pizza into Daks’ bag*

3 09 2008

Hey thats very nice on ur behalf. BTW La soupe aux chou seems nice, pou bizin try ha!
dakss u too try it! lol

3 09 2008

@ Shah
Miam miam i love eating….pizzaa, ginger, noodles, briani, spagetti, etc… (infinity list) lol…love spicy foooddd 😀 indian and italian dishes mainly!! wizout forgeting my big packet of doritos, superring, cheese balls, twisties ice cream and of course lots of chocolates 😀

@ Avish
Slim n trim…never and wont try lol….ena bn side effects tusa ha…best way to lose weight c fer lexercise, mai for me exercising has become a habit, li pa fer moi maigri ditu 😛

@ Vishali
yaps sa vre..not eating isnt dieting…au contraire to affamer e mange +!!

@ Tushal
Haha…tushal mo pa baton ditu moa, pa pu vini si baton….
En passant….toa to bzn manger bucu…cki to envi e kan to envi to kpv manger coz u must get sme weight….aler ale aster choco 😛

@ Chaya
moa a soir mo manger coment queen lol 😀
n le matin ena fois pa manger em….
tu le contraire :S
hehe….paret mo 1 moricien em….

@ Nikhil
Nikhiiiiiiiiillllllll to deja maigre maigre…ki regime enkr to p rode fer? attention commence truv lezo r toa 😛
yaps ha tne bien dir, moa ki bzn try lol…

3 09 2008

I better invite you to a rave some day – not just for the eating but for the partying. But if you fancy launching a food fight on site, it’s fine – it will be fun.

*throwing cookies @ daks*
*hiding behind keyboard*

3 09 2008

The best weight to round up ur body is gymnastic + a good diet. Do aerobics exercises and have a diet with low fats and carbs. This will give results for sure:D

3 09 2008

to ena triple chin toi wahahaha…

3 09 2008

@ Mrexcellence
Yaps u do lose weight while doing aerobics but once u stop it, u gain much weight hehe!!

@ Neha
lol….mo ena single chin 😛

3 09 2008

mo tester mo korel.

huh, a coz sa mem li bon etre un garcon – to capave garde la barbe et cachette to triple/quadruple chins.

tifilles capave servi zote cheveux longue et tourne strands autout zote cou sans etrangler zote, ou mette ene scarf.

3 09 2008

hmm dieting…
aret mange choco imper difficile nah:D

3 09 2008

daks,,,hihihi….lasoupe le chou…hehe

4 09 2008

The flash diet: Taking photos of meals helps slimmers lose weight

URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1052234/The-flash-diet-Taking-photos-meals-helps-slimmers-lose-weight.html

Grab your camera/phone. 😛

4 09 2008

@ Shah
1st time i saw u commenting in creole :p
btw not a bad idea of taking pics of wat u r gng to eat…i’ll try it lol…mayb mo pu realiser ki mo p mange bocu e pu controler nxttime… :p

@ Varsh
I love chocolates!! xtra difficile em….apres twisties doritos etc…tro bon sa :d

@ Keshni
la soupe aux choux la i guess li plito pu bn cki obese…si zot fer ha, i bet def zot pu lose weight!!! li change to fason manger completement…e en+ apres 1mois to pu realiser ki tone perdi enkr 2kg sans rien faire, li brule to lagraisse…

4 09 2008

Avish should read this .. vraimeme ena bku dimounn ki gros ou obeses bisin conne manger- a balance diet meal ti fair dans 6eme but who cares .. everyone is after slim and trim 🙂

4 09 2008

This blog is cool, specially the title & photo:”Life through my eyes” 😛

No pain no gain, I eat a lot & work out a lot too. Coumant nou dir en creole bizin kone ‘tir manzer’ si lol

6 09 2008

You are being tagged. You’re required to post 6 TV shows/series which cradled your youth and link back to http://shah.developer4ever.com/index.php/2008/09/06/tv-series-which-cradled-my-youth/

Embed Youtube vids if you want to.

Youtubing is a fun activity.


18 09 2008

wawa neha in bien dire..to ena triple chin lol..

18 09 2008

wawa neha in bien dire..to ena triple chin lol..
blublu 😀

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