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30 08 2008
Like we all know, today is the final competition of Orange Sitara, but the question is: At this point in the competition, is it truly a singing competition or a popularity contest?
Anyways, i guess it was a good step to have started this competition since the singers, the musicians, the settings of the stage and all have improved really a lot till now and maybe if there is another singing competition, it’ll be much better organised!!
Though i dont agree with the idea of making musicians sing in the previous episodes. What the hell!! I guess Ambert Mossae (Producer of Orange Sitara) is confused between what we call musicians and singers..Ppfff, or we can call it ‘Mauritian’s Originality’ though MBC/Mauritians are great at copying..

Behind the scenes: Yashvin taking clips of Orange Sitara, that too while wearing an orange tshirt. That's what we call true fans 😛


Behind the scenes: Deepa came to visit us and here starts the 'hair dressing' sessions 😛 Aww we forgot the singing competition 😀


Oops, the mike of one host stopped working and he had to borrow the mike of the other host. Like he said himself: Mike got crazy 😛


In between the show, MBC was broadcasting the advertising of Young Bros consisting of a promotion dating 28th July to 10th Aug!!!! It's high time to remind them that today is ALREADY 30th Aug!!!!

In between the show, MBC was broadcasting the advertising of Young Bros consisting of a promotion dating 28th July to 10th Aug!!!! It is high time to remind them that we are ALREADY on 30th Aug!!!!

Last but not the least, lots of congrats to one of my uni buddies, Prashant Sagar (kool Dubai/Indian classmate :D), who danced on various songs live for Orange Sitara Singing Competition. He is really a great dancer, no doubts!! 
Pff, pa p kpv atane la fin Orange Sitara, liyeu p demande impE peace!!!!
Congrats to the winner!!



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30 08 2008
Orange Sitara, the final… | Yashvin, pages of my life

[…] there will be a few only lol. However, you can visit the blog of my sister(Dakshinee) who wrote another related post about Orange Sitara, on which she did include a few pics of us “Behind the […]

31 08 2008

LOL Yashvin..laise sa tifi la osi gagne un peu visitors.taler li strt crying la..! ! !

31 08 2008

I didn’t watch it but did listen to my friends who are fans.
Apparently, they liked Davina. They also had high hopes in Girish, a former winner who is blind. Alas, the latter didn’t win. Davina did.
They also claimed that it was sad that the description of the gifts had not been stated.

Anyway, I’m not a fan. I watched Exotica (an old but good movie from 1994) yesterday.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday. Be well and rock on!

31 08 2008

i dont know what’s orange sitara but is not only mauritius to copy here in italy more bad and there want to make only money
i listen taal fm is very cool:):)

31 08 2008

Prashant and the Heartthrobs are the best! Only watched his great dance performance, the funny shah aqueel madani, and last but not the least artee singing. I thought she would win-snif snif. has a great voice and her choices of songs are great!

31 08 2008

nan…dabitude mo pa guett sa madarine sitara la…ooppsss….:$ orange sitara i meant…mais mone make a must pou guett so finall…mo hyper contan devina ine gagner..,.she was the most deserving…..the show was not of a high calibre, compared to previous shows…still…looll…pourvi the best ine gagner!!!!!

31 08 2008

@ Tushal
Movais………. *brrr*

@ Shah
M definitely not a fan of Orange Sitara….well i thought the physics teacher would b z winner…he came out 3rd though 🙂

@ Vishal
Aawwww….. 🙂
But i guess mauritians r not that ‘money minded’….most of us are career oriented though!!
Ahh taal fm, nice old indians songs there, esp at nite :p

@ Ashesh
Even i love her songs….she sings v well…dommage li pane gagner!!
prashant did a small step of tektonik yest, was simply great that small part!!!!!!!! luvd it….

@ Keshni
Stage decoration was nice 🙂 hey what was the first price?

31 08 2008

Hey guys
thnx for the compiments but i dun remember wat tecktonic step i did in the end lol
hope u guys like it though

31 08 2008

heh b Virasha in perdi par 0.5pts akz li ti “slip on 1 note”. B si li pa ti fair sa erreur la ti pu ena 3 winners???? 😛

31 08 2008

@ Prashant
i luvd it…..who said pappu cant dance? totally false 🙂

@ Preetesh
Oops…i shuld say congrats to the winners 😀
hehehe….yeah mayb 3 winners, who knws!!!!
Mauritian’s foolish originality :p

31 08 2008

congrats to the winners!! shah akeel madani ti top 🙂
a la roma piiiizzzaaaaa!! fromage fondant…….yummmyyyyy!!

31 08 2008

Ya, i got this comment too on my blog where someone stated that the third winner lost by .5 marks..

Wow, seems all of them are so good that even the jury had difficulty in allocating marks, or perhaps they were easy going… Only some professionals can confirm this, *cough cough* professionals, but not those ridiculous mauritian juries! lol!

31 08 2008

Mo mem mo ti post sa Yashvin! Mn get zis 15mins sa program laaa…e mo rapel bien ki banla in dir dan sa 15mins laa…lol!!

Fran tou…par 0.5pts..enfin congrats 2 z winners! Tou le 2 ti meriT 🙂 no doubt abt ein (si base zot lor zot performance final mo pan watch mw!)

1 09 2008

dakss….hihi…1st price:trophee from MGI and Trophee from Orange Telecom….+ Rs 50000 cash…..but looll…sinece ine gagne 2 winners………mossae ine dir bane prize givers…pou bizin referr 1additional trophee for the enpliss winner la…huhuhu….ad for the cash…sitan mo ti endormii…pa konner si mone bien tanD..mais Rs50000 each…hiihi…

1 09 2008

@ Keshni
pooovvv price givers!!!
kot ti bzn donne rs50000, zot pu bzn donne rs100000,
kot ti bzn donne 1 trophee, bzn donne 2!!
la perte pu zot…… :p

1 09 2008

GRRRRRRRRRRRWWWWWWWWWW i hate ORANGE!!! …. and now adding sitara in zorange….. yuuuuuck… powered by MBC????? beeeeeeeeeep pli pire enkor

1 09 2008

Logo orange komik:
1 gro carrE e 1 ti orange ine ekrir enbas… :p
gaspille place pu narien 😀

Enfin, mo esperE pu ena enkr singing or dancing competitn moris….
coumesa pu gagne plein topics pu blog 🙂
la vie ban bloggers pu actif!!

1 09 2008

Pu ena Emtel Family Antakshari aster Daks…mn fini dir Yashvin prepare li…tw prepare pu tire so foto kn li p filmer li…lol! 🙂

1 09 2008

SoRry to say but these are all rubbish dear- i just ha8 zes thingS..!

2 09 2008

Pappu cant dance sala,
yeh pappu alag hai yaro
nach nach ke tuje bhi nachayega
nacho beti nacho beta
Prashant u rock, sory cudnt watch your first dance, i was myself dancing at lake point

3 09 2008

yep drole ine gagne 2 winners, avek lot la ine perdi par 0.5 point

3 09 2008

@ Preetesh
yaps nu stand by dvn tv pu atane zot fr faute 😛

@ Myexcellence
uhhhmmm didnt got u well….hate wat actually? 🙂

@ Nikhil
hahahha…zat;s so true!!!! 🙂 he’ll make us rock z floor!!!!!!!

@ Varsh
:S bien drole vre em!! coumesa ha 3 la zot niveau pareilll :O

14 09 2008

Orange Sitara was fantastic

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