Destiny or Coincidence??

27 08 2008
Destiny         => inevitable predetermined events
Coincidence => accidental events {by chance} that seems to have been planned

 Did it ever happen to you that you meet someone after ages and you both happen to be in the same country, at the same city, same street, same spot and all at the same time?  Or did it ever happen to you that you are talking about someone and that person just comes infront of you? Is there such a thing as destiny or is it all about a coincidence?

When you are having periods of success in business & relationship, bad fortune & health etc, do you consider it to be your destiny? Is it really choice and not chance that determines your destiny? Maybe like people say, destiny is not to be waited for, but to be achieved..

What about horoscope thing? You believe in it? Definitely not me!! I wonder how come in the whole world, every person having the same date of birth will be having approximately the same events occurring in his life, in a particular week, as predicted in the Horoscope!! I believe that each and every person is unique and it is ourselves who decide about our life!! Nearly all of us has the same opportunities, we just have to make good use of it..

I was going through my mails and i came across something:
Is it US destiny or simply a pure coincidence?
Fold a US $20 Dollar into two..

Fold a US $20 Dollar into two..

Fold it again as shown..

Fold it again as shown..

Folds the other end..

Fold the other end..

Now turn it over..

Now turn it over..

The Pentagon is on fire!!  The Pentagon is on fire!!
And the Twin Towers also!!

And the Twin Towers also!!

And what you think of this?

And what you think of this?

Attack on World Trade Center on 11/09/2001 by Osama Bin Ladan. 11 + 9 = 20 {all these are printed in a US $20}.

Should we start wondering on our destiny? Or should we just accept everything as being only a meaningful coincidence?




18 responses

27 08 2008

I watch CosmoGal on Youtube because she had huge headlights. 😛

I believe in causality and neither destiny or coincidence (even though it’s a result of causality.)

You should watch National Treasure 1, 2 movies. You’ll be fascinated by the secrets of Freemasonry (it’s fiction but does lies on the known mysteries of the Knights of The Templar.)

Anyway, live on and await your ascension @ death.

27 08 2008

its just coincidence..nothing more..
Everything is planned..:p

27 08 2008

Destiny v Coincidence!!
Well, i fink there are fings that we cant understnd.. but one fing i believe in, the destiny is in mah hand..coz we all have the freewill..we decide, we choose..nd in a sense we have to accept woteva hapens.
Some ppl have predicted the future…an exmple of such a person: Nostradamus.
He has been quite acurate in his predictions..
Is dat a coincidence…or destiny?


27 08 2008

hey, b chek destin maurice do,
take a mauritian rupee note,
lol, uh pren ene billet 25,

27 08 2008

@ Shah
Yeah most of the time one action occurs due to previous one but there are also independents actions!! Like i said abve, u r talkin abt sme1 n tht persn jst cmes infrnt of u. The fact that z persn appeared infrnt of u hs nofin to do wiz z fact tht u wer talkin abt him…pure coincidence..
*z clip is still loading, kind of excited to watch tht lol :)*

@ Tushal
Ti ena 1 hindi movie…bobby deol ti p dir evryfin is plannd…uno wich one?

@ Vishali
Uhmm i think it’s all a coincidence, nothing else!!!

@ Nikhil
Damn gud ur joke :p

27 08 2008

dat deserve to be taken into account..

hey, pas blier, maurice fek tire so coin rs20.. li contenir million de bacteries akoz li change de main chaque fois, et ena pas koner kot garD kot pas bizin.. lol..

well, coincidence is also too frekente sometimes.. maybe not, but for me, i have encountered same situations as one of my dreams.. dat makes me weird as if, i have already encountered it and its repeating..

it has also been found that when you think of something deep (mostly bad), the chances of having is really HIGH>>>>>>

well, dat may be a coincidence that am on this blog writing a comment, maybe a coincidence that i became friends with dakshinee..

maybe, we had seen each other one day, but we met in uni..

coincidence.. a ques… can dat lead to love???

28 08 2008

@DAKS—>wai mo koner ki film la..mais pa pou dire twa..
Everything is planned meme..:p
anyway..mwa..I don’t believe in destiny..coincidence la..kpv believe..:p
LMAO..rode destiny mtius dan 1 25 rs note..:p
pa dire sa..taler daks prnd 1 25 cents coin and rode fold it into 2..then 4..pou rode kone so destiny..HAHAHA

28 08 2008

photoshop zindabad…lol
nice post…to bizin essaye fer sa r kass moris, to pu truve ramgoolam si figir haha

29 08 2008

it is better to believe in destiny even though it is simple coincidence it is more magical and make a difference .I think it is just a matter of perception.

29 08 2008

@ Ritesh
Our frndship is ever lasting 😀 seems like ino u since ages 🙂
Destiny will tell us if it cn lead to luv hehehhehe 😛 😛 😛

@ Tushal
pa pu donne toa to fotos 😛
*destiny of tushal’s pics lol…tu pu ale dan poubelle*
kidding….. 🙂 will give u wen i c u online 🙂

@ [Ritesh]
lol….chacha ramgoolam stp 😛
prefere pa fr li pu evite gagne shock 😀

@ Yupri
yaps….every1 hs his own way of seeing fings 🙂
n i guess we all r right as long as we’ve valid reasons 🙂

29 08 2008

hey daks! destiny is we have to make
coincidence is only coincidence
all that happen when you stop thinking 😉

30 08 2008
tushal ban photos komik bsn hide ban pic la bien..LoL..thanks a lot for the pic..
destiny of my pic?LOL..LMAO..xtra sa..

daks jamais ti pe think pena sa matier gris la..HAHAHA

30 08 2008

I don’t think these things have some impact really. It’s just a coincidence. Just like the end of world has been predicted so many times but nothing happened yet and we are all waiting for 2012 and probably nothing will happen. In the same way, this is a coincidence. Don’t worry dear, we have a long life ahead..if you start believing in all these, we will never be able to live this life happily and without just cheer up dear:)

1 09 2008

Destiny or coincidence…. U should ask that my girlfriend…..

Yupri said: “it is better to believe in destiny even though it is simple coincidence it is more magical and make a difference .I think it is just a matter of perception.”

So Yupri about us….u still think it was coincidence??? 🙂

1 09 2008

@ Vishal
I agree with you…it is ourselves who decides about our life!!
I mean whatever action we do will lead to a certain consequence and that action, we choose it!!

@ Tushal
I quote wat u said:
‘ ban photos komik sa..LoL..’
B Tushal…to ban fotos em ha, to p dir to em komik la? 😛

@ Avish
lol…..good question 😛
Maybe about certain things Yupri thinks it’s a coincidence…however she believes more in destiny…. 😀
Matter of perception 🙂

2 09 2008
tushal pe dimoune ki in tire sa ban photo tire ban photo la..dan ban ange bien comik..and thus ban photo la pe paret komik..! ! !

“I’m not sure what’s wrong… But it’s probably your fault!”

“I’m smiling. This should scare you.”

3 09 2008

hmm me pa tro know..coincidence..ya y not

n destiny, somhow i think, in ur professional life its u who make ur destiny n in ur personal life its just destiny itself..

15 09 2008

Try this one

Did you know that the flight number of the plane that had hit WTC …on
9/11 was Q33N ….Open your Notepad in ur computer and type the flight
number i.e Q33N… Increase the Font Size to 72, Change the Font to
Wingdings. U will be amazed by the findings. for more tips like this clickHERE

ps.add me on your blog roll


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