My Doggies..

23 08 2008

Today morning, i gave a bath to my two lovely teckels Pif & Pam…And since from long ago i havent blog anything, so why not blogging about this?!!! 😀

Thnks to little cousin, Neha, for having taken these pics!!

Here i am, bathing Pif 🙂 Yeah yeah i was still in my sleeping clothes 😀


Dashing Pif with the flower on head, bref, the smilling famous cutie 😛




Aaawwww see Pam hiding among grass so that i dont catch her for a bath lol!!

Aaawwww see Pam hiding among grass so that i dont catch her for a bath lol!!


Cute Pam after bathing and Me.. 🙂

 *I love Pif & Pam…muuaahhh muuuaaahh*
I remember once in the early morning, my late teckel Boule was biting one of my rabbits’ ass. The great smilling Pif couldnt see this and she immediately ran into the house and wake us up while barking loudly & continuosly {at that time she very small}. My mom knew something was wrong as Pif was as if trying to drag her towards the door. And eventually, when we all went in the yard, we saw Boule taking out the furs of the poor rabbit…
Check out Smilling Pif on Yashvin’s blog!!! 🙂
 I personally feel that we all should treat animals in a very caring way. Whatever the reason, i see the same thing over and over. People bring a pet home, at first show much love to it, then start to neglet it, and with time, they treat the pet as if it is a burden for them!! When i think of those ‘chiens errants’, i feel so much angry over the people who brought these dogs home but didnt even cared for them!!!
 Do you have pets? You love animals? Any incidents of your pets you wanna share? 🙂



22 responses

23 08 2008

heyyy…li trooo cute to doggie la…mone guett sa clip to toutou smile la…eyy li troo cuteee….

23 08 2008

The dogs are cute. Pif is very famous – he has a huge youtube fan base. Hallowed is the ultimate dogs. Bow down to the might of Pif. *wuff*

23 08 2008

Angel!! not u daks but the doggy! lol

23 08 2008

Talkin abt doggies, let me relate u wat happend jst now…

My mom & I were gng 2a nearby wedding. On road, a neighbour’s dog {mo pa gagne voisin la so laguele, sorry for being rude mai mo mood pa bon la} started to bark at us and was even approaching my mom to bite her!! i started shouting loudly as i was damn scared. The neighbour’s wife was there watching us!! Then their second dog came to us and was jumping on us!! My mom and me held each other tightly and were screaming. The second dog had even tore my mom’s beautifull saree. Seeing that, the neighbour’s wife came and make the dogs enter their yard…
Full of anger {jamais pa fer moa encoler sinon pppfffff}, I started shouting loudly saying:
‘kan ou conE ou liciens movais, ferme ou gate!! bez ou &*^&, si licien la ti morde moa la???? faudE ou 2eme licien vine derrier nu pu ou decide ramasse zot endan????’
Hearing this, she jst walked away into her house silently….

Now while returning from the wedding, i met the neighbour and said:
‘ou ferme ou gate lot coup pu ki ou ban liciens pa galoupe derrier lezot dimounes’ to which he replied:
‘ena lezot liciens si dan entourage, pa juste mo liciens’
I got more angry and said:
‘pa lezot liciens kine rode vine morde moa, mai OU liciens’
Then he said:
‘guet to zafer, ale donne deposition la police alors’
And i replied:
‘BoussE, fou moa la paix’

Yeah m very nice wiz everyone but plz dont make me angry like that!!

23 08 2008

Lol to morder toi Dakshoooooo ?

Me 1 fois mo berger allemand (bobby) to aboiye ek 1 madame ki ti p marcher dehors lors trottoir, malgre gate ti fermer, madame la ine gagne peur et in sursauter ti pou tape r loto lors chemin … apres la suite soit disant li pou al la police et ti p rode sme money :-s

Sinon Bobby ti grandit ek bane chatons ki mo ti ena aussi (coq + lapin + poisson) et a soir zot ti p dormi contre li .. comme chien et chat !!

23 08 2008

Thanks for sharing this convo. Your koreol linguistic skills are worthy of reading. (funny but the sentences depict every scene. kudos.)

Having an umbrella always helps. Or you can throw your shoe @ them. But the best way – let The Mighty Pif deal with the to be PWNED dogs.

23 08 2008

sa ki ene awootar sa, kan nou disan boui, preferable pa koster ar nou, sinon ou ena chance briller tou.
But still we are very sweet and nice……

23 08 2008

@ Doup {jiiiiiiibbb}
na na…parco commence morder la 😛
Bobby seems to be sho sho shwweetttt….li dodo avek miaoww tuuu 🙂
One day i wuld like to have a berger almand again {after jenny n kim}….
i luv berger almand, they are z best!!!!!!!!!! very understanding & cute 🙂

@ Shah
aaawwwww, but i dnt wanna my adorable Pif to mingle with them…she is too too too innocent for that uno….. 🙂 {banla pu fini morde li}
hehe…yaps…gud idea abt umbrella thing 😀 but throwing my shoes at them? wat if they take it away lol? 😛 😛 😛

@ Neha
well said nea, especially the part ‘we r sweet & nice’……
we r not ‘bad’….it’s jst tht smetimes we do lose control….

23 08 2008

Indiana Jones has a nice whip. It’s time for you, dear Daks, to grab a hat, and your whip. Beat up the scum!

24 08 2008

@ Doug–>LMAO..mari gate fermer madam la soT..LoL..

@daks—>to pa ti bsn kit dimoune la! ! to ti bsn met 1 deposition la police.kot mwa osi ena ban moV ask pou dir twa..kot mwa souvent la police vini..LoL..2puis aster la police in aret vini..acoz banla in plein faire voisin cmprnd ki zot pa pou kpv faire narien.:p..voisin pa dakord mo ban dogs ale kot zot envi dan la cour..:p.. la cour bien barer..mais meme sa..voisin mo ban dogs ena droit marcher dan mo la cour..:p…sa mari sa..voisin vin met lorde dan mo propre la cour..

anyway..ena ban reali con people lor la terre la..

mais ti bsn met 1 deposition..else next pou continuer..

24 08 2008

Cute dog 🙂

24 08 2008

@ Shah
hahahha….m trying to imagine myslf wiz a whip 😛

@ Tushal
Hey uno…..ha 2 liciens ki ti p saute lor nu la ti ban tutus boxers!!!!!!!!!!
Fer 1 google images search e guet ha race tutus la so ‘laguele’
Zot paret movais….nw imagine 2 coume sa p tir gro ledents avk toa!!!!!!!!!!!
ti xtra encoler ha jour la….

@ Avish
Thnx… 🙂
U missed one ‘S’ in dog hehehhe….cute dogS 😛 😛 😛

25 08 2008
tushal li gro?twa osi to ti kpv morde li..:p

25 08 2008

euta daks
about the wedding event, I imagine how you would had been furious.
you are an always-smiling gurl. When it comes to be angry phew…was a harsh conversation with the neighbour. but it was natural on your part to express your concern for this bad experience so that this does not happens to other people.

Cool pics of Pif and Pam! Euhhh…what happened to Boule?

25 08 2008

@ Tushal
Mo pa mechante moaaaaa!!! pa mordE 😛

@ Ashesh
Boule ine sauvE….lol…!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad left z gate open….n Boule ran away!!!!!!!! 😦

27 08 2008

lol… banes toutou bien cute cute!! Wel, i agree lor to point stray dogs la.

29 08 2008

laisse li daks.. lotte coute to morde lichien la avant li vini pou morde toi!!! 🙂

29 08 2008

@ Vishali
zot ine suivre mo em :p
content rier :d

@ Vicks
to dja morde tutu toa?
mai si mo morde li mo pu gagne so poil dan labouche :S

1 09 2008

Hi Daks,
Talking about rearing dogs and police complaints reminds me of my neighbor ki est en mem temps mo phuphu. Zot in done mo bane ti toutou poison akoz soi disant le temps toutou la aboyer le soir sa derange zot, nan mais si toutou pa pu aboyer,ki li pu fer? li pu miauler?? Lately,she even complained at the police station that so lot voisin so toutou derange le soir kan li aboyer!!!
But those people do not realise that the dogs are guarding their house and yard as well, koz kan mo ale kot mo chachi, so voisin so toutou aboye moi, if u see wat i mean to say! I saw this at several places I go!
Ever since zot in touye mo bane petits toutou, ine aret amen toutou chez moi…n yeah, i’m damn afraid of dogs since then though they are lovely and cute at times.
Pif and Pam are very cute 🙂

3 09 2008

@ Chaya
Yeah it;s true, si liciens pa zapper ki li pu fer? ena dimoune sans compren!! zot pa realiser ki zot p rode touye 1 living animal grrrr……We should take care of the living animals sharing the same environment as us…..
Even m damn afraid of doggies since a dog ran after me wen i ws in primary school…but this doesnt mean i hate them!!

17 09 2008

hey piff rier!!! zot in amen li kot traiteur sa lol..just jokin dont take it seriously lol

27 09 2008

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