It’s All About Love..

15 08 2008

 LOVE…. Such a short word but such great meanings hide behind it!!!!!!!!!!! It can be love between a child and his parents, love for oneself, for god, nature, orphans, money, career, pets, food etc..

Love between a guy and a gal… Love, Love, Love!! Who hasn’t fallen in love? I guess, most of us have.. For me: Love = Attachment + Trust!!

You know when i realise what is true love? It is when i used to tie my late doggie Jenny on the running chain in the morning and despite having suffered under the heat of the sun whole day long, Jenny would be so happy to see me when i return home from school in the afternoon and wagging her tail, she would come to lick me!!

If you think you lack love for your partner, then just break up!! Simply because delaying it, will affect your partner more and your change in behaviour will be easily sensed by him/her.. And yaps, dont ever give false hopes to your partner.. This will make her feel more hurt 😦

Making your partner waiting for your answer of whether you love him or not, will hurt him really lots & lots!! For me, there should be only two answers, either it is YES i love you or NO i dont love you.. I remember a friend of mine being in this situation and his pain was just unbearable!!

 If she really loves you, then waiting for you shouldn’t be a problem for her but as far as possible dont make your partner wait for you unless there is no other way out..

 I truly believe that if your love is one sided, then better forget that person because you can never force someone to fall in love with you.. Love just happens.. Instead she might be feeling irritated if you are after her..

Come on, dont hesitate to share your thoughts with us

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return..




41 responses

15 08 2008

sa premier foto la seryer net, garcon la p get la lune, tifi alien la p get la terre. lol

15 08 2008

Ah love…been there, done that only to realise that the best partner is definitely a robot and not a woman. Sorry, but most women suck (ok, some done – esp. the sino-mauritian ones and some others..)
I’m all for the following ->

15 08 2008

Daks, wot you wrote is true!! One sided love is rily painful. Nd i wud like to add somefing. Ppl..dunt go in search of love!! let love come to you..Thats when we say we Fall in just hapens. Love is wonderful..nd yet can be painful.. Love is magic..nd very often magic is just an illusion!!


15 08 2008

elo dakss…

hey to ecrire xtra bien la twa.. to kpv ecire 1 livre de poems osi..
kip it up daks.. got to know ur hidden talents as well///

my view on wat u said..

the biggest love of all is the love for our mum.. she’z the one we should be loving everytime in our life.. i love my mum and i can do everything for her. i take her where she wants to go, i accompany her in her shopping. the whole D, i may be angry koz she makes me walk everywhere.. but i am with her, so that she doesn;t have to carry lots of things.. some may find it weird to see a guy with his mom everytime..

well, love for ou parents are worth a million.. if its true dat end of world is on 12 dec 2012.. so love them till that date and beyond dat sa well…

love, infatuation or attraction.. watever we can say.. do u beleive in it??
well, for me.. yes.. i fell in love with someone but who couldn’t remain with me.. the feeling of being loved and being driven out of someone’s life is one of the experiences we need to have in life.. it may have positive and negative aspects but believe it makes us more stable and stronger afterwards.. and we realise wat we have lose due to that.. a friend, some time with parents, a birthD gift for someone or a wish missed..or even forget ro care for those who are present.

well, love someone if she cares for you and others.. someone who don’t care only of you both but everyone who are connected to each other.. and expect the same from your part as well..

love is a feeling..

mone ecrire inP tro et inP tro lor mwa osi.. lol..desoler daks, mo p rempli to blog ek sa long comment la..

well, kip it up.. kip writing.. teker

hey daks, mo ecire inP lor nou.. lol.. bref, mo pas ti kone daks la rentree first yr.. nek mo koner li dan man.fin.. mone kumence kone li, 2nd semester,, kan ine fer presentation accounting.. dats was the moment when we started knowing each other.. hey, mone blier kuma mne gagne to msn…????.. well, we had a nice time during the presentation.. toultan 1 prob ti p leV.. kuma courant ti couP, projecteur pas p work.. lol..

well, glad to have mete you daks.. well, dats our love for friendship/// kip smiling daks…

15 08 2008

Ritesh!! Ene ti passage sa!!
lol..mai li ena raison concernant les parents!! Love entr parents et enfants bien zoli!! [et c ki line dire lor shopping la..nice net] *lol* Nd i rily cherish the love among friends surtout!!

15 08 2008

Ritesh!! Ene ti passage sa!!
lol..mai li ena raison concernant les parents!! Love entr parents et enfants bien zoli!! [et c ki line dire lor shopping la..nice net] *lol* Nd i rily cherish the love among friends surtout!!

15 08 2008

nyce ein……mwa wat i value the most is love of family and friends…

1 sided love:P

gagne sagrinn selman…loooll….

16 08 2008

oh la la pe write lor love tou aster! !ki pe ariveR?fell in love?lol
dnt fall in suxxx..{love btwn a guy n a girl}..LoL…
for me wat matters the most are family and friends..
hmmmm..1 sided love.hmmm..its reali painful and hurt a hurts like hell..talking from past experience..{to kone sa bien twa}
the best love—>love among friends..they love each other more than lovers..:p

16 08 2008

@ Shah
Most women suck? Maybe you should start appreciating the qualities of women.. Some do suck, but you shouldnt generalise it based on this..

@ Vishali
I love whatever you’ve said.. Love is wonderful yet can be so painful, damn true.. And yaps, you all know me well, no doubts, I cherish the love among friends lots..

@ Djritesh
Yaps you are right Djritesh.. Because you can fall in love again but you can never ever get another mother!!!!!!! You’ll always find forgiveness from your mother and you always hurry to her when you are troubled..

@ Tushal
Seems like you have had some very bad experiences about love, that’s why you are saying love sucks.. Wanna share?

16 08 2008

4get love, I wuld rather fall in chocolate!! 🙂

‘Love is like a game of chess: One false move and you’re mated!! ‘

16 08 2008

I said most – not all. Moreover, most men also suck.
Moreover, I believe that if one believes that someone is his/her true love and gets rejected, there’s no way for one to be able to find someone else. All the ways of wooing will remind one’s of the once true love – wooing someone else would be very difficult unless one is ‘open’ and too ‘flirty.’
It’s like the 1st time one has sex. One always remembers this first time. Say, one has sex with someone else later one, it doesn’t meant that one won’t forget the first time. So, loving someone who is believed to be one’s true love is like the first time one has had sex.

17 08 2008

@ Neha
Ehh didiiii…Mo kwar mo bzn rode 1 bf pu toa la lol…
Mais sement to pu surprotegE toa 😛 by moa deepa yashvin tusa!!
saem disadv being the yougest one lol…. 🙂

@ Shah
Shaahhhh…by ‘most’ i understood ‘la plupart’…It maybe not ALL but mostly all, meaning the majority of women 😛
Uhmm…but maybe wiz time tht person who got rejected by his true luv, cn fall in luv again….i mean we must move forward in life, no matter wat 🙂
However no doubts, i agree that one cant forget his first love (being true love for most)….

17 08 2008

Hmmm kuma tushal in sucks…c vrais sa..
Avan accept kiken as a lyf partner,bzn fini kon tou lor li..

Well mne truv sa poem la mari touching…

Love doesn’t exist (for me anyways).
Love sucks all around
But I pray,
That one day,
My dream guy will soon be found

It’s so damn f*****g painful
Getting hurt, time after time again
Sometimes I wish I could just die
Give up, hide away and cry

I am so sick of getting hurt (again and again)
And just cry in my room(sa menti pa plorer akz garson)

I keep on getting cheated on, used and dumped for no real reason
So ….. go to hell and f**k off
Or better yet go and die
So then you will no what you did to me to lir li bien,to pu fini koN kisanla mo p rod refer la 😛
pa vin cri mw selma hehe..

17 08 2008

Waii varsha kuma tne dir neha pu surproteger..bein mo ti fini dire neha..jour mn tanD tne ggn un bf..garson la pu pass xtr bez r pu lave li net..mai didi neha pa pu ggn narien li..parski mo kntn li mw..

17 08 2008

@ Deepa
Sa tne bien dir…avn acpt sme1 as lyfe partnr, bzn cone li bien
yaps ino whom u r refering to!!
enfin, life goes on . . .
N abt nea’s bf fing, si garson la betray li…plito mo pa dir + hehehee 😛

17 08 2008

The getting over the 1st love talk is a myth. One always remembers the 1st one who is always The One. So, there’s no 2nd love – just a mere inferior alternative to soothe loneliness, which is pathetic. Loneliness should be favoured.
The One always lives on in one’s heart.

17 08 2008

Lamour est un conte de fees pour adultes

Here’s a way to describe love…well im often brought to think that.

Love really suck at times, when heart broken one cannot act/think as usual…

et comme zot in dire la ho, one sided love sucks…i can tel coz mo souvent alle bez ladans pffff

17 08 2008

Well you guys should watch these movies for a different take on Love:

Before Sunrise:
Before Sunset:

17 08 2008

You are in love lol? I think love….it always happen in the way u never imagine it would happen… I met my real love Yusha ina very unexpected way –

Abt tushal lol….better nt ask him 🙂 li pu re comence plaigner la lol abt his gf la et start to write filmy songs tou la lol…. 🙂

18 08 2008

Well according to me, one can get over his first love (which do take a lot lot lot of time) and fall in love again…I’ve friends who now hate their first love and some dont even have any feelings for their first love now (they used to say how come i felt in love wiz tht gal)…
Howevr i’ve another very gud frnd (hez 29) and till now, he never ever forgot his first love and still loves her passionately even if she left him…and because of this he has no plans to get married!!

@ Cla
Cla…U r a cute and very very very nice guy 🙂
Just dont wait for her….Enjoy life + study….zis is wat m trying to do!!
**I don’t know why they call it heartbreak. It feels like every other part of my body is broken too**

@ Pravs
Lol….wen u r sending me z dvd?

@ Avish
Yaps, i checkd z diary, really nice and funny also…shhwiitt memories… 🙂
lol…abt tushal….ahhh line plaignE avk toasi!! 😛
*m kidding tushal*

18 08 2008

Your 29 year old friend is a true romantic who understands the concept of love. Kudos for him for not going for cheap alternatives.

Enjoy your week 🙂

18 08 2008
lost wanderer

why did i have to come here at dis time????????? 😦

came here at random ….. & now im feeling bad bad bad ……….. i love her so much 😦

btw, really nice topic

19 08 2008

@ Lost wanderer
Aaawwwww….dnt feel bad lost wanderer!!!!!!! Come on, the worst is yet to come….it’s all part of life…maybe after facing those bad situations, u’ll feel more stronger!!!!!!!!!! Cheer up 🙂
Always smile 🙂 u never knw who might fall in luv wiz ur smile 😛

M glad u’ve visited my blog… (^^,)

19 08 2008
lost wanderer

hurting someone deliberately, just coz you want that person to be happy does not really make one happy ………..

it hurts to hurt the one i really love. y i do it then? perhaps, jst perhaps coz dat i love her a lot, & really do care for her ..

nyways … jm bien ceke t’as dis ‘Always smile u never knw who might fall in luv wiz ur smile’ … i always tell the one i love dis …….. enfin 😦

19 08 2008

Love is Life….

20 08 2008

hey! finally came across to your blog…its a nice space you got going on here. i do think that i have my own reposes upon the subject of love. but then again, i am an incorrigible romantic and live my life mostly up in my own head and the lofty clouds…in real terms, i happen to put respect and trust before love. cause love in itself can be fickle…

anyways, much more nonsense better kept for later. glad that i managed to come by to your space…keep on blogging from the beautiful island (oh is miss Mauritius so so much). *sigh*



22 08 2008

loveeeeeeeeeee, hmm,
for us its not only lov btw friends but lov btw sisters as well, n i’m really lucky to hav a friend lik u…
abt love btw guy n girl, wait for the rite time n rite person..zats all i guess…
known u for nearly 10 yrs n wat i can tel is zat u r really som1 nice, gudhearted n a great friend:)
long live our friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

22 08 2008

If you think you lack love for your partner, then just break up!! Simply because delaying it, will affect your partner more and your change in behaviour will be easily sensed by him/her.. And yaps, dont ever give false hopes to your partner.. This will make her feel more hurt

I completely agree.

Well, Love (between boy and gurl) IMHO, is a catalyst to preserve mankind on the earth. It fosters the ultimate aim of reproducing.

23 08 2008

@ Lost wanderer
If u luv her tht much, thn y u r hurtin her??

@ Kevin
hahahah….for u of course luv is lyfe 😛
kalitE lor couleur lor base!!! {essaie decode nu cozE}

@ Nachi
yaps u r z one…nachiketa das 🙂 glad to meet u here……hpe u still rembr me, hav been long time though!! Jst checkd ur blog, nice one also 🙂 By z way, i didnt knw tht u wer on my facebook contact’s list 😀

@ Varsh
varsha{daks} & varsha{jeeb} & pooja{call her pooh} & dakona{mrs Jusna} & nuzha{nunu}….
best frnds for not only 10yrs, but lifelong!!!!!!
no regrets to hav knwn u all!!!!!!!! we r simply z best 😀
yaps, our luv is everlasting 😀

@ Ashesh
hey yesterday i was in a gem klass, understanding society!!
z lecturer ws saying smefin like tht hehe 😀
*no over population* 😛

23 08 2008

@varsha—>to pe coser comment dire to pa koner kifer mo in dire sa! ! ! !to koner twa..think think…:p

23 08 2008


23 08 2008

@avish–>now mo pe lire to comments la..LoL..attand frero..laise mo trouve twa bon news?
@daks–>ki plaigner r tou dimoune..mwa mo nek amerd twa..LoL..ek prnd mari nissa r twa..:p
@varsh–>pa dire mwa to pa in love home to situation comsa desperate..ek to dire to pa in love..LOL..

23 08 2008

@ Tushal & Varsh{jeeb} & Pooja Sook
wat wat wat? jeeb is in luv n i’ve no clue abt it? hw cme!!!!!!!!!!
uhmmm yeahhh…mne conE kisnla ha 😀 😀 😀
but like she said herself:
Wait 4 z rite time n rite persn!! {applies 2herself 1st haha}
cme on jeeb….giv him sme hints 😛
remembr ha dialogue la at mc donalc?
Pooja to fer garsons sou tu astr?? hahahaha….

*pooja sook, i ws jst kidding uno, nofin to make u feel bad or watever…luv u and yaps, u r really great to have accepted to remain his frnd, hats off 2u..coz i wuld hav never done that..u r a very brave gal*

23 08 2008

when i see your eyes i’m inside
i love you in the morning
i love you in the night
i feel you in my side
the bleu sky, the sun, the moon, the stars is all from you
sometime you are hot like the sun
sometime you are cold like the moon
sometime you are everywhere like the stars
that’s why i love you everytime
what will be a night withoutthe moon and the star’s
what will be a morning without the sun and the bleu sky
what wil be my life without you and your love

24 08 2008

I completely agree wiz u,….. 😥

2 09 2008


If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine…
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you…..


5 09 2008
5 09 2008

@ Vishal & Keshni
Nice love poems…. 😀

@ Shah
Awww sooo cuuttee….Jst married 🙂

8 09 2008

Hey Daks, a famous old man found love 😛 He married his dudette last Saturday 😛



9 09 2008

*Aaaaaawwwww soooo cuuutteeeeee* 🙂

1 10 2008

Did you hear? Russian agressor attacks USA…
More info here:


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