The End Of World..

13 08 2008

According to Mayans, the plane of our Solar System will line up exactly with the plane of our Galaxy on 21st dec 2012 as their calendar ends on this date (most ever accurate calendar). This is supposed to be followed by earthquakes, droughts, famine, flouds and who knows what else.. 😦

Have you ever wondered why the world around us and our life seems to be moving faster and faster? :O

There is a theory that is quite similar to the events predicted by the Mayans, called the polar shift. Here, the entire mantle of the earth would shift in a matter of days or perhaps hours, causing positions of the north and south pole to change and further causing worldwide disasters, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and so on.. This is predicted to happen in 2012!!!!!!!!!! :\

Check out this video, quite interesting one, i love the music 🙂


Planet X (Also known as Nibiru, The 10th Planet or The God’s Planet) : Our solar system consists of 9 Planets namely: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. There is no 10th Planet in our solar system!!!!!!!

 However, it is said that the real cause of climate changes and volcanoes activity to be occured in 2012, is the planet x which is real and getting closer (fastly approaching) to our solar system. The 10th planet passes through our inner solar system every 3600 years causing catastrophic events on Earth!! :S

Planet X (Nibiru)
Planet X (Nibiru)










 Hindus believe that in 2012 an Avatar (God in human form) with God like powers who will produce a new age will appear.

I’l explain you why!! In Hindus philosophy, there is something called Yuga which is a cycle of 4 ages, namely: The Satya Yuga, The Treta Yuga, The Dvapara Yuga and finally the Kali Yuga.. Hold on your breathes 😛 !!!!!!!! At the end of each of the Yuga, incarnations of Krishna appear and we are now living in Kali Yuga which ends in 2012!!!

 Uhmm…It’s  difficult to believe but many theories claim that a major world changing event will take place in 2012!! And most of them, surprisingly have estimated the date to be on 21st Dec 2012!!                                                                      

For those who believe in the end of world on 21st Dec 2012: Stop planning your careers, Be sure to spend the last years of your life doing something you always wanted to do, Kass pakE on 20th Dec 2012 e Laisse pakE kass zot on 22th Dec 2012 (provided there is no end of world)!!!!!!!!   

Well Maybe the Mayan Calendar doesnt end, but it just starts over a new year 🙂 But how to explain the other theories and prophecies?? Anyways, nobody has seen the future!! The end is near: 4 more years….Tik Tak Tok…2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 BOOOOUUUUUMMMMMM!!

The question is: TO BELIEVE OR NOT TO BELIEVE?? Your Comments??

Ps: I dont believe in these things, meet you on 22nd dec 2012 hehe 😛

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today… It is already tomorrow in Australia!!!!!!!!! 🙂




24 responses

13 08 2008

erm…End of the world!! I duno whether to believe in those theories.. But i do feel that world is going through bad time!! Wars, Natural disasters, Famine… Well, lets hope we can fight those bads..!!
Btw, me too i heard nd read that Nibiru will cause damages..catastrophes!! 😦
Wel…lets c!!


13 08 2008
tushal u on 23rd of dec..LMAO..I don’t believe in such things..

13 08 2008

hey mo p gagn peur la!!! lets see if it really happen. then see u all in hell!!! lol

13 08 2008

Scams or Truth? This answer will be more precisely answered by Time. As it is said Patience is a virtue…so let’s wait and see ! But one thing is for sure, mankind has already started to destroy its own race dramatically…A change towards goodness and peace is not possible now !!!!

13 08 2008

Lol, mo bizin kumace amizer si ena zis 4 yrs to live :p
Si to envi watch 1 fim related to maya civilisation, chk sa:


13 08 2008

Ritesh, arrete faire spam 😛
[haha, guet ki sane la p dir sa]

Live your life as if today is the last day…
bon, mo pas trop konne quotation la exacte…

13 08 2008

Cool blog….welcome 🙂 Just find your’s in a comments on Yashvin’s blog. Btw Its better to not believe in these scraps lol. I still remember people used to say that on year 2000 the world will end…Since i was still at primary people were saying that and i was always like…”I should enjoy the max as the world will end” lol

I was 12 years old at that time…. on 31 december 1999 i was a bit worried like an idiot and ws thinking why will i die so young 😦 – I really belived that superstition… then i heard about “millenium bug” – no need to say at that time i didnt know what is a bug……

So I thought a bug was a bomb 😦 so stupid of me…. Then mom told me that the engineers are working on the bug…i thought the bug was the bomb which will explode the world….

Wooooo what an imaginative mind lol….

That was the only year i didnt crack my crackers before midnight….bt when it was midnight and i saw there was no end of world i was the happiest monkey around lol.

So guys and gals no need to believe in these stupids “novels” 🙂

13 08 2008

Oh not again!
Earth will be exterminated after The Consortium of Archaellia decides it is time to do so.
I’m what you can call an alien and planetary alignment fields cannot create rifts across the void. It’s not possible for Z-neutrino energy to be flattened into a single string.
No need to panic. Have an enjoyable 2012 and take good care of yourselves and of your dear planet and its associated moon.

14 08 2008

@ Nikhil
I’ll b in heaven *smiles* 😀

@ Kevin
Yeps…let’s wait & watch 😛 but a change towards peace & goodness IS possible…Maybe it’s bit difficult but possible!! Think positively 🙂

@ Ritesh

@ Avish
hehehe 😀 Millenium bug is about the date, about the end of 1999…Computers were instructed that there were no years before 1900 or after 1999!!

14 08 2008

@ daks

si to connE demain apocalypse .. ki bannes zafer to ti pou envi fer?? 😛

14 08 2008

@ Vicks
Gud quest vicks….lol… 😛
Mo ti pu hug tu cki i love very tightly and cry 🙂

E zot, ki zot ti pu fer??
Vicks li, i guess li pu ale hug ban fifis + gatE aussi 😛

14 08 2008

@ daks..

pas zalou pou hug toi ousi 😛

14 08 2008

If the consortium comes to agreement upon the destruction of earth, you shall be beamed to a fractal dimension. No worries – you shall go there when you leave your organic vessels (death.)

I suggest you hold on to your hair (if you’ve them) before the event – for memory imprints are held onto strands of hair before your chronon-self (you call it spirit/soul) is beamed into the other universe. Most chronons have no memories of their prev. organic lives. Hopefully, your hair will be strong enough to translate the memory imprints to your chronon.

15 08 2008

Taee to p kumnc fer mw ggn peur astr…
mo enkr jeune apr to p dir la fin du monde :S

15 08 2008

The good thing is that whether we believe it or not if its true it will happen and if its untrue it wouldn’t. Our believing it will in no way affect the happening. Right folks!!!
Life it self is so random. Think of it, amongst so many galaxies, so many celestial systems, amonst so many planets & stars, it is only our galaxy, solar system and planet which supports life. Think of the probability of having a life in such a big system. N it could cease to exist just the next moment. Such is the randomness of our lives.
I would really endorse Varsha’s thought
Lets be sure to spend every moment of our lives doing something we’ve always wanted to do…

15 08 2008

@ Vicks
Euuutaahh so shwiiiitt…mai attention gatE jalou 😛 ha si la veille la fin du monde to pu fr li encoler? 😛

@ Shah
Hehhe….I’ll surely remember u and hold on to my hair 🙂

@ Pravs
Who knows!! Maybe there is life in Mars…
And perhaps if we believe in that ‘End of World’ thing, it might help us to say a warmer goodbye to each other….
But as you said, we believe it or not, it’s not going to affect the happening!!

15 08 2008

I do believe that one day there will be the end of world but maybe not in 2012, much years later on wen we will be least expecting it.

Answer to Vicks:
Si mo ti coner 2main la fin du monde, mo ti pu mange xtra bocu gato la creme + mo ti pu fete mo bday en advance…. 🙂

15 08 2008

@ daks
All I want to say is, lets just work towards doing things we’ve always wanted to do & lets wish warmer good byes irrespective of whether or not the the world is coming to an end. [;)]

16 08 2008

@ Neha
Kan to mange gato la, pa bliE moa 🙂 nu mange bocu gato genoise, chocolat, icecream, twisties, doritos, super ring, cheese ball…tu tu tu 😀

@ Pravs
That’s nice thought Pravs…. 😉 In short, like yashvin said:
Live your life as if today is the last day 🙂 Enjoy…

16 08 2008

The End Of World On 21st Dec 2012…..

For those who believe in the end of world on 21.12.2012, * Stop planning your careers * Be sure to spend the last years of your life doing something you always wanted to do * Kass pakE on 20th Dec 2012 e Laisse pakE kass zot on 22th Dec ……

17 08 2008

Bon si mo ecoute daks so thm mo ena 4ans pu amuser a fond la 😛 daks mo ena 4ans pu batte bis r toi la, donc pas blier paye ban trucs pu moi 😛 lol

nan franchement i really dont believe in end of world theories…
ena tro bcp comme ca et franchement si nou meme nou commence penC ki kantite raison ki cav faire end of world ena trop bcp…

mais si nou vraimeme ena pu guetter ki raisons cav gagner, mo trouve ene ban most probable c caused by man: war…
enfin hope pas arrive la lol

29 08 2008

I just paused the movie I’m watching because it reminded me of this entry.
Watch Made of Honour:
It depicts your post.
Michelle Monaghan is kinda cute. I like her hair.

19 10 2008

I believe 2012 will be the end but people argue with me, saying they mean the world as we know it. So maybe human might dramatically change for the better or worst.

Also there are several of other people predicting this, even the “Web Bot” is. The “Web Bot” even predicted 9/11 two month before it happen. Now it’s predicting the end on Dec 21, 2012. But scientist think it might just getting mix up with other prophecy

25 10 2008

Ena ene trucs nous capave fr… LET’S WAIT AND WATCH 😀

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