First Day At Uni..

11 08 2008

11th August, the day which i was waiting so impatiently since 1month, finally came!! Arriving at uni together with Kevin, i was surprised to see so many unknown faces on campus, new students lol :P!!!!!

I was feeling kind of ‘Mamzel conne tu’ hehe as i know all the ‘ti bazz’ in uni as compared to the first year students who might be feeling like:
‘Ohh gossh, won’t i get lost in z campus while searching for my classes??’

Zero{Zaheer}, Ass{Ashwan}, Sweta, Wazal, Sooz{Rambaksh} and me sat ‘enbas pied kot cafetaria’ for about 1 and a half hours while ‘trappe vente riE’ with all our silly but really funny jokes lol🙂 Well…like zero said, hope that this year they wont travel 2hrs to come to uni just to sit ‘enbas pied kot cafetaria pu met dialogue’ and then go back home {another 2hrs} without following the lectures due to the fact that they got bored and tired cracking jokes lol!!!!!!

At about 2.15pm, I left them and headed towards my class, LT1, where I met some other friends…and of course we took a lovely pic together {see below}🙂

Only 4 guys em?? hehe!!
Only 5 guys em?? kot bn lezot la?? hehe!!

‘Esperons zot ine truv moa :p wii wiii saem cki en rose froncE lahaut la ha :D😀😀 ‘

In class, to tell you frankly, I was damn impressed with our lecturer, Mr Dirpal…Woow, he is so intelligent!!!! Heard that he is only 25yrs :P I really got motivated with his lecture and when the class was over, I said to myself:

Wooo…bzn fr mo cpa galaxitE a tout prix ha lanE la🙂



20 responses

11 08 2008

mamzel tro conten p al univeristy…..
nu ava geter la kan exams pre ki li pou fer….:D

11 08 2008

hmm galaxiteee tuuu!!!
yea lets hope mo cpa also galaxitee

11 08 2008

wii sa Dirpal 1 (y) ha:o
25 ans?:o😡 nonnn:o kav 35:o
vwiii bisin fr cpa la grimP laaa:p
1er annee tro laisse alE ha:o zot tou ti p rejet nou ban zenfants sans class..zelev flm dans pas grav:o😀

11 08 2008

Have a nice academic year… Empranne bien😛
And keep posting…🙂

11 08 2008

dakssssssss pna m foto …..😥

11 08 2008

daks daks daks!! ki mo ti dire twa? pa tire foto si pena mwa!! ep!! li tirer!! pa grav!! nxt time tir foto, mo met li lor mo blog!!🙂
Erm…mone rate boku cuma dire mwa!! bon, pa grav!! pu ressi truv banes nuvo la!! lerla mwa ossi mo trap mo vent!!😛

Mo p truv mo banes ti cams seryE..
ala mamzel daks p fer so ti zess!!😛
c uuuuuuuuuuuuuu


11 08 2008

wohohohoho…. lyf through ur eyz… kewl…. wehehe… bien bizin manz r li ha laner la… fran… demin mm m pu acheter 1 cahier la…

11 08 2008

daaaaaaaaaaksssss kan to presente moi to ban camarad femele?

11 08 2008

“bien cocasse aussi lol”

Mega LOLzz

Hey si tu so ban class hyper super, nou pu gagne xtra bon results si nu écoute li bien.

hmm, bizin fer ene manier pa absent and pas fer 15 mins en retard pu enter so class……….. u know why…

11 08 2008

elo ddddaaakkksss…. foto ine sorti bien.. kan meme, premier foto nou tou ensam sa.. bref, dans 33 zeleves dan nou class la, ena mo penC kpv 1 15 parla dan foto la.. mai bientot, tou pou ena la.. lol..

hey, zordi, p bien assiz lor l’escalier, truv daks, crier li, li vini, et pas bizin dire, li fer 1 gro gro gro sourire… btw akoz daks meme kine reussi tire foto.. thanks daaaaaaaakkksssss..

la daks, line impressioner ek mr dirpal par so backview meme.. prof p vire ledo, li fini kumence pose ques lor li tou.. lol..

hey, si mo pas tromP, kan li ti p demane nom, prof la ti vine deboute devant ddddaaakkksss meme,,, koz, mo ti devant daks, et prof la ti p debout derrierr mwa..

akoz sa, dakssss p galaxiter la.. lol..

hey, demain nou p mit la.. 830.. hope class la ok la.. deja dans sa LT1 gagne xxxxxtra frai.. et si prof la “cold”,,

well, tek ker ddddddddaaaaaaaakkkkkkksssssssss…. cya/// bizz

11 08 2008

@ Ritesh
Couldnt resist wizout replyin u lol….haha wiii lecturer la ti vine deboute dvan mo em….mo ti p croise lipieds e assizE, coz saem li pane kpv move forward mai aprE ki mne ale realise ha heheheh😀
Eiiiinnn to em ki ti dir moa li ena 25ans la lol…..
Huh…mo ti penC zone ine pren poz lr lescalier pu tir foto em🙂
yaappss…tu les zours pu truv mo figir borin la astr😛

@ Wazal
zot i guess 1 sel cahier pu alE pu 3yrs ha lol😛 faudE guet zero so cahier!!!! 1 cahier mai 10 modules so notes ladan e ladan parco arrive la moitiE cahier😛

11 08 2008

2 hours to prend pou vine reduit.. ki sa bannes gaon to resT la sa ein!! mette seryE 2nd year sipozE pli difficile sa.. enfin it was for my course..

btw to conne tou banens ti base at uom??
quand to fer ene oreintation ek moi la?? 🙂

12 08 2008

hahahahaha..mwa mo first day pli top ki twa !!hahahahaha..u see..i wrote a comment on ya blog..:p

12 08 2008
tushal mwa mo tire mo clas to photo..beser..ena plis ki 200

12 08 2008

Good Luck for your new year!!
i am sure you will definitely climb the ladder of success…keep the spirits high..


12 08 2008

At least you mentionned my name in ur blog😀
Ur blog is cool – bonto net :p
fer tou ban fille dan sa picturz la compliment de mo part…pa blier..!
Ey campus in vin kumadir lafoir ta- foder guet zelev ki ladan- kumadir sevret dan karaye :p
yo, let’s rock for our 2nd yr- bizin met full faya sa lanner la…both dan letude ek dan nu ban plan😉
aller kip blogging ..a+ sweet girl🙂

13 08 2008

hey i know u was eager for ur univ classes to get started…hope now ur tension is over…now u can bunk the classes…freeking in canteen…enjoy quality time with ur friend…but my dear varsha…u must also concentrate over ur studies and not on mr. Dirpal…keep smiling and have great fun…

13 08 2008

@ Vicks
Wiii ena fois pren moa 2hrs pu ale reduit😦 kan moa mo lor bus stop, astr ena friends p leve dodo…

@ Girish
Thnxx lots Girish…Wish u a happy life ahead…

@ Kevin
hey dialogue la payE la caisse🙂 I quote:
Ey campus in vin kumadir lafoir ta – foder guet zelev ki ladan- kumadir sevret dan karaye😛

@ Vikram
hey, noway, m not concentrating on Mr Dirpal, you got it wrongly maybe..
U 2keep smiliing🙂

15 08 2008

hi daks…
hmm u ryt so many new faces this year…bez sa pena place dan cafe tousa…yep we nid to work hard n increase our cpa….gro bizzzzzzzzzzz

16 08 2008

daks..kifer sa jolie tifi la pe hide so figure?lol..

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