My First Article..

10 08 2008

Well this is the first time am writing an article and here it goes…

I started my blog with a whim which eventually brought me here. Am glad to have created it since it’s gonna be fun for myself to transmit my ideas of how i see life through my eyes and how I am living in it with a smile 🙂



 Ahem ahem… For me, am sure blogging will become like an addiction!! Thinking of new posts, reflecting my views, sharing my experiences, commenting on your way of seeing things and interacting with other bloggers also..

Day 1 – Crucial day!! Because without launching my blog’s design, an interesting post and facinating stuffs in line, i guess it can hurt the future success of my blog.. Anyways, am here to make it RUN SMOOTHLY hehe 😀

Oops, It’s already 00.30am… Damn me!! I got to wake up early tomorrow since it’s my first day at uni for my second year. Hopefully my blog isnt that sucking and you’ll come back here again…

Dropping my last words, biiii biiii, daks signing out 😛 Gudy gudnite gudmrng 🙂




21 responses

10 08 2008

Hmm enkor ene lotte awotar pe coummence blog.. all the best for your studies and hope to come across some nice post in here..

Alle ouste.. alle dormi.. sinon premier zour mem pou en retard!! 😛

10 08 2008

goodmorning…hihi…i guess im the first person to comment…so wish u loads of luck wiz this blog….and yessss….few hours to uni!!!!we must study fort fort zis semester/year…..

till zen….cheerssssssss

10 08 2008

… life through my eye and I live in with a smile

IF daks = smile THEN
life through my eye and we live in with Daks
life = NULL

10 08 2008

Hey Daks
Nice blog dear..My best wishes are with u
Take great care

11 08 2008

lol, wai entier fami awootar p contaminer par blogging 😛
well, thats my objective, faire tous dimoune blog 😀

cheersssss for blogginggggg!

11 08 2008

dakssssss!! Nice blog!! Am sure people will enjoy ur blog because you always have something to say!! Nd whatever u talk about is really nice and entertaining!! hihi
here’s my blog :

c u @ uniiiiiiiiii!!

11 08 2008

hey there couz.wassup.nice blog btw.

11 08 2008

Elooo didi.. un par un tou ban awootar p kumnc fer blogging…i hope ki mwshii mo ggn insipiration 😀

Hmm bonne chance..
les mo dir kot varsha em la e c lin kin force mw pu met comment..bhai(yashvin) aussi abitier fer pareil..poor me..pu pass bien miser la..

Bonnw chance enkr un fois 😀

11 08 2008

elo dddddddddddaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkssssssssss….

hmm,. C bien.. to propre blog.. nek 1 zaff manK la.. twa to sourire eclatante…

hmm.. zordi ti premier jour uni,,, ine reussi meet, et tire 1 foto d class meme pas ti ena tou.. mai demain nou fer l’impossible vine possible… lol..

p nek attan kan pou alle xcursion la.. lol..

sinon, kip smiling dear dakssssssssss…

tek ker..

c u tomorrow…

11 08 2008

chk sa gurl la, ahem ahem li p progresser dan le sens de L’ IT!!!
mo pa dacord mo p gagne zalou la, hehe nah moi aussi mo ena mo bane blogs under contruction selmen……………………. hahahaha

kip it up daksssssssssssssssss………………..!!!

11 08 2008

hey daaaaakkssssssssssss!!!!! nice blog switie…keep it up…love yuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

11 08 2008

Hey ddddaaaaaaaakkkkkksssssssssss, thats very nice, keep it up dear!!!
u kno wat? ha foto la nice net- “n 5he thinks m slow”
too gud ha..

11 08 2008

Best of luck with ur blog lady… Ene bon inspiration ek frero sa… 😉

11 08 2008

@ Najiiib
Koooll comment jiiib, really funny, i luv it 🙂

@ Ritesh
sourire eclatante haha…dnt worry…dn bn lezot pics mo pu riE 😀

@ Vish
lol…glad to know that u like my talks hehe…so swit…

@ #E|!0$
hehehhe…..wiii wiii…en competition avk li la 😛

lovely comments from all of you….thnx, muuuuuaaaaah!!!!!!!!

12 08 2008

heeya va?nice to see u..btw ti blier dire mwa ki to ena blog..&*^^&%^$$%$#$#$#@#$fauder in mit twa lerla to dire??
attand twa piti..jeudi to pou koner la

12 08 2008

Ola Yash’s sister 🙂
Have fun blogging 🙂 Rock on, girl.

12 08 2008

Keep blogging dear because Gandhi said “Blogging is good for the health”
pa ale rod sa dan liv aster…dialog 2008 sa :p
well to en fille super royosse, top, simpa, under-standing:p, ek mari cute….stay like zis, n bridge ur wonderful character to every1 thru zis blog koz Gandhi also said that “Blogging helps one to express oneself”….this is not a joke dear, its a mega-joke =))
and pa ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi ki ti dir sa… cousin so camoid ‘patrick gandhi’ ti p dir sa- so ban dialog sa…
keep rocking dude!

13 08 2008
Dh gothboyz

nice keep it up

16 08 2008

@ Tushal
Sorry tushal….but zozo, ena link mo blog on my display msg on msn…tu sa jours la ou pane truv narien? Truver to pa lire mo display msg toa 😛

@ Kevin
Nice one… And you are someone mega royosse Kev!!!
This is not a joke, it’s a mega joke!! *kidding* 😉

18 08 2008

nice one!:)

25 08 2008

elooo didi…
enkr un fois c mw mai selma depi lecole 😛
p fer un ti pub lor to blog..
p fer zot tou koN lor mo didi so blog.. hehe
tu cmprends la hehe 😀

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